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Top 100+ Arduino Projects for Engineering Students

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This blog post consists of a collection of Arduino projects for engineering students. The collection consist of Internet of things, embedded system, Real-time automation, and application.

Arduino based Robotics projects

Research on the Stability of Biped Robot Walking on Different Road Surfaces

Published in: 2018 1st IEEE International Conference on Knowledge Innovation and Invention (ICKII)

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This cute learning kit focuses on the popular open-source platform Arduino. You can learn the knowledge of the Arduino servo and ultrasonic ranging module by applying this kit.

Android Controlled Wheelchair

Published in: 2018 First International Conference on Secure Cyber Computing and Communication (ICSCCC)´╗┐

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This project uses a voice control app using a mobile phone, this robot is controlled by voice commands. this robot was connected to the mobile thru Bluetooth.

Mind Controlled Wireless Robotic Arm Using Brain-Computer Interface

Published in: 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research (ICCIC)´╗┐

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This project explains to control the robotic arm using EEG signals from the brain.

Real-Time Robotic Car Control Using Brainwaves and Head MovementMovement

Published in: 2018 Medical Technologies National Congress (TIPTEKNO)

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Brain Controlled Robot -With this product, you could start and stop the robot using your EEG signal of the brain. It uses a brain sense sensor to measure the attention from the EEG signals of your brain.

Wireless Car Control System Based on ARDUINO UNO R3´╗┐

Published in: 2018 2nd IEEE Advanced Information Management, Communicates, Electronic and Automation Control Conference (IMCEC)

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Android controlled Arduino robot car makes´╗┐ use of an Android mobile phone for robotic control with the help of HC-05 Bluetooth technology. This is a simple robotics project using an Arduino microcontroller. This project is a Bluetooth controlled robot. For this, the android mobile user has to install an application on her/his mobile. This android application could be downloaded in the android market.

Design and Research of Visual Pipeline Robot Based on Wi-Fi´╗┐

Published in: 2018 IEEE 4th Information Technology and Mechatronics Engineering Conference (ITOEC)´╗┐

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This wifi-based robot uses the Arduino and esp32 module, user can control the robot through wifi using mobile or PC.

Stage-wise Development of a Remote Controlled Robotic Arm´╗┐

Published in: 2018 Fifth International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing (PDGC)´╗┐

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This product contains an own robot arm with Arduino shiel so that the robot arm is controlled using Arduino. The shield also integrated with the Bluetooth module so it could be controlled via Bluetooth.

´╗┐´╗┐Dual Purpose Cartesian Infrared Sensor Array Based PID Controlled Line Follower Robot for Medical Applications

´╗┐Published in: 2018 International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE)

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Line follower robot uses Arduino uno and sensor array, it is a robot that follows a certain path controlled by a feedback mechanism.

Tri-Adaptive Method for Improving the Resolution of MEMS Digital Sensors

Published in: 2019IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 

Mems Controlled Robot -This is a gesture-controlled robot based on mems technology. It uses an Arduino car and a mems sensor.

block diagram of mems controlled robot

Dynamical Obstacle Avoidance of Task- Constrained Mobile Manipulation Using Model Predictive Control ´╗┐

Published in: 2019´╗┐IEEE Access

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Obstacle Avoidance robot is one that can avoid an obstacle by using an ultrasound sensor and navigate in its own path.

Arduino based automation projects

Smart Automation System for Controlling Various Appliances using a Mobile Device

Published in: ´╗┐2019 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT)

People have smartphones with them all the time. So it makes sense to use these to control home appliances using smartphones. Presented here is a home automation system using a simple Android app, which you can use to control electrical appliances with clicks. Commands are sent via Bluetooth(HC05) to Arduino Uno, Which controls the relay operation( ON or OFF). So you need not get up to switch on or switch off the device while watching a movie or doing some work.

´╗┐Blade stress monitoring in a small wind turbine by using Arduino microcontroller

Published in: 2018 IEEE International Autumn Meeting on Power, Electronics and Computing (ROPEC)´╗┐

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The wind turbine method only the future of power generation in the world. In this project, we added some sensors in a wind turbine that the sensor is measuring the climate condition of wind turbine temperature sensor, vibration sensor, and IR sensor. If anyone is abnormal means the alert message will send an authorized person of the wind turbine. For this project, we used Arduino Uno and Nodemcu esp8266. Arduino Uno is collecting sensor value-form wind turbine and Nodemcu esp8266 is sent the data to IOT cloud of Thingspeak.

Communication Architecture Framework for A Future Smart Community

Published in: ´╗┐2018 Second International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Control Systems (ICICCS)

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Numerous studies have shown that smart homes or intelligent buildings can use energy more efficiently than traditional buildings. Almost proposed smart home architectures in the literature adopt the PLCC WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) as the dominant Technology. The WSN, rather than Wi-Fi, has been popularly employed for remote control and monitoring applications. Because it has a low cost and consumes little power. However, several problems in the construction of smart Homes with WSNs are yet to be solved. The studies presented a comprehensive review of problems related to the development of smart homes with WSN technologies. For WSNs, if the network coverage Exceeds a certain range or the network environment cannot Provide line-of-sight transmission, then high transmission error and data loss rates may occur. Hence, designing a scalable Network infrastructure for WSNs is very important. Although several techniques have been proposed to improve WSN Connectivity, the challenge of improving connectivity In WSNs still exists. Furthermore, WSNs and WLANs both operating within 2.4 GHz ISM Industrial, Science, and Medical, Band. Experimental results have demonstrated that Wi-Fi networks and WSNs may function together even they Operate in the same frequency band. However, inevitable Wireless interference and packet losses may occur in WSNs. To solve this problem, some methods have been proposed for Interference avoidance or coordinating such a heterogeneous network environment. However, a more effective Interference immunity solution for WSNs remains to be found. To resolve the issue of wireless interference, the WSN is integrated herein with the PLC (Power Line Communication) Technology to realize a smart home control network.

Arduino IoT Projects

´╗┐´╗┐An IoT-based Smart Garden with Weather Station System

Published in: 2019 IEEE 9th Symposium on Computer Applications & Industrial Electronics (ISCAIE)´╗┐

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Using the Internet of Things (IOT), we can control any electronic equipment in homes and industries. Moreover, you can read data from any sensor and analyze it graphically from anywhere in the world. Here, we can read temperature and humidity data from the DHT11 sensor and upload it to a ThingSpeak cloud using Arduino Uno and ESP8266-01 module

´╗┐An Exploratory Approach to Monitor the Quality of Supply-Water Through IoT Technology

´╗┐Published in: 2019 International Conference on Automation, Computational and Technology Management (ICACTM)

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Water pollution is one of the biggest fears of green globalization. In order to ensure the safe supply of the drinking water the quality needs to be monitor in real-time. In this paper, we present a design and development of a low-cost system for real-time monitoring of the water quality management in IOT. The system consists of several sensors that are used to measuring physical and chemical parameters in the water. The parameters such as temperature, PH, turbidity, the Level sensor of the water can be measured. The measured values from the sensors can be processed by the microcontroller. The Nodemcu esp8266 can be used as a core controller. Finally, the sensor data can be uploading on the internet using the WI-FI module.

Design of a smart lock 

Published in: ´╗┐2017 Eight Argentine Symposium and Conference on Embedded Systems (CASE)

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Blynk app we are created one new project form that we selected two buttons to open and close the door lock. When the data was received for the blynk app the nodemcu esp8266 has transferred the information to the l293d driver that driver controls the dc gear motor. When we press the open button door lock will open at the same process to close the door lock. This method is called a smart door lock system.

Arduino Based Smart Fingerprint Authentication System´╗┐

´╗┐Published in: 2019 1st International Conference on Innovations in Information and Communication Technology (ICIICT)

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Normally in human life safety is very most. In this, we used a fingerprint sensor to open the door lock and close the door lock. These processes are controlled by Arduino Uno microcontroller. In this method who is an authorized person they only can open the door.

A Device-Free Person Identification Framework Using Bluetooth Signals for Door Access

Published in: 2018IEEE Internet of Things Journal  

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The android application we are sending the information to open and close the door lock. When the data was received for the android app the Arduino Uno has transferred the information to the l293d driver that the driver controls the dc gear motor. When we pass the ‘F’ character door lock will open. if we pass the ‘R ‘ character door lock will close. This method is called a Bluetooth smart door lock system.

Design and Implementation of IoT Based Smart Energy Meter

Published in: 2018 IEEE Applied Signal Processing Conference (ASPCA)

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Electricity is an important invention without which life on Earth is impossible. So obviously there is a need for measuring the consumed electricity.  Accomplished by the wattmeter, but a person from TNEB has to visit each customerÔÇÖs house for measuring the power consumption and for calculating the bill amount of customers. So it requires much manual work and consumes time. We have intended to construct an IoT based energy meter to each customer of TNEB. So the proposed energy meter measures the amount of power consumed and uploads it to Thingspeak cloud the concerned person can view the reading. The power reading is sent to the cloud using ESP 8266, a Wi-Fi module. The power reading from digital wattmeter is read using the opt coupler and transmitted digitally to the Arduino. So it automates the process of measuring the power consumption at homes using IoT and thereby enabling remote access and digitalization for each customer of TNEB.

Emulation of Vehicle Speed and Impact on Vehicle Event Data Recorder´╗┐

Published in: 2018 18th International Conference on Mechatronics – Mechatronika (ME)´╗┐

Wireless Black Box Using Mems Accelerometer And Gps Tracking For Accidental Monitoring Of Vehicles using Arduino Uno

wireless black box using arduino

Design and Implementation of Women Auspice System by Utilizing GPS and GSM

Published in: 2019 International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Engineering (ECCE)´╗┐

Nowadays Women’s safety is a very important issue and rising crimes against women these days. To help resolve this issue we propose a GPS based women’s safety system that has a dual security feature. This device consists of a system that ensures alerts in case a woman is harassed or she in trouble. This system can be turned on by a woman in case she even thinks she would be in trouble. In this project, we have an emergency button. If any incident occurs with a woman she may or may not get the chance to press the emergency button. In a button press alerting system, in case a woman is hit on the head from behind, she may never get the chance to press the panic button and no one will know she is in trouble. Our system solves this problem. Woman in case she is walking on a lonely road or any remote area or some dark alley. The simple algorithm can be applied for fall detection by observing any change of x, y, or z mems sensor find the algorithm.

A Configurable Dielectric Resonator-Based Passive Wireless Sensor for Crack Monitoring

Published in: 2019IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation

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Nowadays the railway department facing in railway track problem. But In this project, we are using the sensor to monitoring the railway track. If itÔÇÖs any crack on the track means the IR sensor finds and sending to the microcontroller the controller transmitted the data through Zigbee communication to the receiver part. Zigbee communication means two types of sectionÔÇÖs one is the transmitter and receiver part. Zigbee is a bidirectional device. Automatically IR sensor and ultrasonic sensor using to find the crack and obstacle detection then dataÔÇÖs are transmitted through the Zigbee transmitter. Another end we having the receiver part of Zigbee that the receiver receives the dataÔÇÖs and it sends to the microcontroller. This system we added the buzzer if any abnormal value is received by the transmitter buzzer will make alert

Intelligent Parking Management in Urban Environment

Published in: 2019 14th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (CISTI)´╗┐

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The parking system is controlled by the cloud. Nowadays car parking is congested cities. So we go to an easy method using the IoT parking system. In this project we are using the IR sensor to detect the slot is occupied or available and the data are sending to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is sending the dataÔÇÖs to the cloud server (web page). Before this project, we want to park the car in any parking issue for cities. Now this project is very helpful to park the car in any parking using this system. This allows users to check for available parking spaces online from anywhere and available hassle-free parking. Thus the system solves the parking issue for cities and gets users an efficient IOT based parking management system.

Navigation System Using Light Fidelity´╗┐

Published in: 2018 2nd International Conference on Trends in Electronics and Informatics (ICOEI)´╗┐

Li-Fi is the advanced technology of the world. This project is concise in the vehicle to vehicle communication to avoid accidents. We use the ultrasonic sensor, gas sensor, vibration sensor, LCD display, normal robot setup, and Li-Fi transmitter and receiver. The ultrasonic sensor is using to find the distances of the front vehicle and measuring the vibration level in the vehicle the gas sensor measuring the alcohol level of the driver and this data is sent through the Li-Fi transmitter to receiver vehicle. If any abnormal condition in a front vehicle means this vehicle will stop on the second. Li-fi is connected with the UART function to the microcontroller.

A Tranquil Smart Robot for Home Security using Arduino

Published in: 2018 3rd International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES)´╗┐

This system used to monitor the home user with the sensor. All sensor value is sent to iot cloud Thingspeak is shown in the graphical representation mothed. We using Arduino Uno microcontroller and esp8266 wifi to upload the value in a cloud of Thingspeak. Gas sensor, LDR sensor, ultrasonic sensor, metal sensor, fire sensor, DHT 11 sensor, and robot setup all using in this project if any environmental problem in the home means the sensor is sens the value and it will upload in cloud  gas sensor find the leakage of LPG and LDR is using to measure the light intensity. The ultrasonic sensor is using to find the distance of the robot. The metal sensor is found the small size piece metal in home and if any fired means the fire sensor sens and pump motor is pump the water at the same value sent to iot cloud. DTH 11 sensor sens the humidity level and temperature level at the home. Normal robot setup robots also used in this project forward, backward, left and right side.

block diagram of Family Robot Using Arduino Uno and Nodemcu Esp8266

Conceptual Framework for SIDS Alert System

Published in: 2018 4th International Conference on Computer and Information Sciences (ICCOINS)´╗┐

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If a baby is crying means guardian of the baby comes and soothe the cradle. But in the solution when the sound sensor found the crying sound at the same time automatically cradle is soothing to the baby how means the servo motor operated with a particular angle

RF and RFID Based Object Identification and Navigation System for the Visually Impaired´╗┐

Published in: 2019 32nd International Conference on VLSI Design and 2019 18th International Conference on Embedded Systems (VLSID)´╗┐

In this proposed system, we are expecting to remind the bus stop of the bus and let the users know the location. So that one can manage their time efficiently and get the reminder just before the bus arrives or take an alternate means of transport if they miss the bus stop or they are running late.

block diagram of Bus Stop Reminder For Blind Person Using Rfid In Arduino Uno

Securing PKES against Relay Attacks using Coordinate Tracing and Multi-Factor Authentication

Published in: 2019 53rd Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS)

In this project, a biometric access system for a vehicle is implemented. Using this project the access to a car can be controlled using fingerprints. For this, an embedded fingerprint module is used in which the fingerprints of the owner and his other authorized users will be fed into the embedded module. This fingerprint module and keypad are further connected to a microcontroller that controls the connection to the ignition of the car. Hence the car can only be started using a proper fingerprint and password match. Else the vehicle will not be started and sends an SMS to the owner. The project will also include the GSM module connected to the controller. An unauthorized person trying to access the car means unauthorized person fingerprint is a microcontroller, using the GSM module can automatically send SMS to the actual owner of the car.

block diagram of Two Factor Security in Car using Arduino uno

Design and Kinematics Analysis of a Bionic Finger Hand Rehabilitation Robot Mechanism

Published in: 2019 34th Youth Academic Annual Conference of Chinese Association of Automation (YAC)´╗┐

The artificial hand imitates the human hand using a flux sensor with Arduino microcontroller. In this project, we are using five flux sensors to move the artificial hand. The human hand we fixed the flux sensor each finger. When he did mimic the action performed by normal hand. The artificial hand was doing the same action form the normal hand. This method is the lowest cost to create an artificial hand. The sensor value is given to Arduino Uno the Arduino Uno is given the pulse signal to the servo motor is connected with the artificial hand through the wire.

Test Your Self-Driving Algorithm: An Overview of Publicly Available Driving Datasets and Virtual Testing Environments´╗┐

Published in: 2019IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles´╗┐

This concept is a self car driving we are developed autonomous cars using the ultrasonic sensor. In this car, we used four ultrasonic sensors to find the obstacles four sides. If anyone side obstacles detected means the car will move in another direction.

Improvement of grass cutting machine commonly used in Brunei´╗┐

Published in: 7th Brunei International Conference on Engineering and Technology 2018 (BICET 2018)´╗┐

Solar power based this system was developed in grass cutter. In this, we added the ultrasonic sensor to find the obstacle. If the obstacle was detected means robot will turn right and moving in the forwarding side. The whole power was taken by solar panels.

Ultrasonic Blind Stick for Completely Blind People to Avoid Any Kind of Obstacles

Published in: 2018 IEEE SENSORS´╗┐

The mostly blind person affected by the normal person. In this system, we have used the ultrasonic sensor, moisture sensor, and light sensor. If any abnormal buzzer will blow and blind person forget the stick means RF module will help them to find the stick.

Deeply Integrating Visible Light and Radio Communication for Ultra-High Reliable Platooning´╗┐

Published in:2019 15th Annual Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services (WONS)´╗┐

This traffic light system was working on both methods automatically and manually. If any ambulance will cross the traffic signal means manual operation method was work in the proposed system. Wireless technologies used to clear traffic and environmental pollutions.

Environment-Aware Multi-Target Tracking of Pedestrians´╗┐

Published in: 2019IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters

The main aim of this project development for mobile operated spy robot using Arduino Uno microcontroller. Our idea is to make a robot to tackle the hostage situation & the worst conditions which cannot be handled by a human being. The hostage humans are moved out from direct exposure to potentially dangerous situations

Deformation Monitoring of Reservoir Dams Using GNSS: An Application to South-to-North Water Diversion Project, China´╗┐

Published in: 2019IEEE Access

This project is monitoring the water level in dams using water level sensors. In this project checks continuously the water flow in dams. If the water level exceeds the higher limit sends SMS to the concerned person using GSM technology

Energy theft detection for AMI using principal component analysis based reconstructed data

Published in: 2019 IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications

This paper consists of power theft detection and automatic bill management system. So we created a great solution to that power theft and automatic bill management using Arduino microcontroller. In this, we used a current sensor and voltage sensor to find the power theft and automatic billing system. If consumer connected overload means the bill amount was calculated but the lamp should not on. They want to call the electricity person compulsory than only they operate the load.

Power Factor Correction in Feeders With Distributed Photovoltaics Using Residential Appliances as Virtual Batteries

Published in: 2019 IEEE Access

In this paper, the development of power factor meter using Arduino will be discussed. To measure power, several parameters were extracted, including voltage and current from the alternating current (AC) source. Voltage and current sensors outputs were interfaced to Arduino, in which the real power and apparent power were calculated to determine the power factor.

Automated unified system for LPG using load sensor

´╗┐  Published in: 2017 International Conference on Power and Embedded Drive Control 

Gas level detection and automatic booking are designed with various features that are implemented using Arduino and this device will be a single system with multiple applications for LPG consumers. The device monitors the load if the gas level and displays it within the alphanumeric display incessantly. It also detects the gas leakage by gas senor. This includes an additional feature of booking a new LPG cylinder when the gas level becomes critically low. Then it sends an alert to the registered mobile number by an SMS with the help of the GSM module and the alert database is displayed in the system monitor.

Three-Dimensional Hand Reconstruction by Single-Shot Structured Light Line Pattern´╗┐

Published in: 2018 IEEE Access´╗┐

In recent years, robotics is a demanding technology in the field of science. To increases the use of robots where conditions are not certain such as security operations, robots can be made such that it will follow the instruction of human operator & execute the task. This paper describes the gesture control robot which can be controlled by your normal hand gesture. The accelerometer controls the movement of the car. Accelerometers are used to measure the angular displacement of human hand motion. It consists of mainly two parts, one is the transmitter part and another is the receiver part. The transmitter will transmit the signal according to the position of a mems sensor attached in our hand and the receiver part will receive the signal after receiving the signal the robot move in the respective directions. Here, the program is designed by using Arduino. Any robot can be controlled by using Arduino, and not only we can control it, but we can use it to do a minimum of 256 different functions.

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