Computer Vision Crash Course



What will you Learn?

✅DAY – 1 Introduction to Python & Computer Vision | Python Installation & Installing Libraries | Basic CV| Reading an image | Display,Writing, Saving an Image | Draw a line, circle, rectangle | Draw a text string |Find and Draw Contours | Image Resizing | Blurring an Image

✅DAY – 2 Create Border around Images | Convert an image from one color space to another | Scaling, Rotating, Shifting, and Edge Detection | Erosion and Dilation of images | Denoising of colored images | OpenCV Bitwise AND, OR, XOR, and NOT | Play a video using OpenCV | Video acquisition from the camera | Video acquisition from the Mobile Camera

✅DAY – 3 OpenCV Haar Cascades – Face detection | Eye detection | Mouth detection | Full/partial body detection

✅DAY – 4 Multi-template Matching with OpenCV

✅DAY – 5 OCR a Document, Form with Tesseract & OpenCV

✅DAY – 6 Object Tracking using OpenCV

✅DAY – 7 Watermarking images with OpenCV

✅DAY – 8 Saving Key event video clips with OpenCV

✅DAY – 9 Determining Object Shape and Color with OpenCV

✅DAY – 10 Real-time Panorama & Image Stitching with OpenCV

✅DAY – 11 Barcode reader using Computer Vision

✅DAY – 12 OpenCV Video Augmented Reality

✅DAY – 13 Recognizing digits with OpenCV and Python

✅DAY – 14 Document Scanner using OpenCV

✅DAY – 15 Harry Potter Invisible Cloak


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