Digital Marketing Course




What you will Learn?


✅DAY–1 Introduction to Digital Marketing ,Setting the Tone for 30 Days Challenge.

✅DAY–2 Market Research and Buyer Persona

✅DAY–3 How to build a Website -WordPress

✅DAY–4 Introduction to Blogging

⭐Content Marketing

✅DAY –5  Introduction to Content Marketing, Power of Story telling

✅DAY – 6  Building a Long term Strategy and Content Ideas

✅DAY – 7  Create a Quality Blog Content your Audience Love to Share

✅DAY – 8  How to Promote Your Content

⭐Search Engine Optimization

✅DAY –9  Introduction to SEO 

✅DAY – 10  Implementing SEO on WordPress -Yoast 

✅DAY – 11 How to get No 1 in Search

⭐Email Marketing

✅DAY –12  Understanding the Importance of Email Marketing

✅DAY – 13  Creating Contact Management and Segmentation and Deliverability

✅DAY – 14  Automating Your Email Marketing 

⭐Funnel Building

✅DAY –15  Introduction to Sales Funnel ,Landing Page Design (Funnel Building)

✅DAY – 16  Elements of Funnel ,Traffic to your Funnel

✅DAY – 17  Automating Your Funnel 

⭐Facebook Marketing

✅DAY – 18  Introduction to Facebook Marketing

✅DAY – 19  How to Create Traffic and Lead Ads

✅DAY – 20 How to Create Conversion Ads

⭐YouTube and Video Marketing

✅Day 21 Establishing Video Marketing Strategy

✅Day 22 YouTube Advertisement

✅Day 23 Video Advertisement and Future of Video Marketing

⭐Instagram Marketing

✅Day 24 Creating and Instagram Power account and Understanding the Bias of the Instagram

✅Day 25 Instagram Content Creation and Process

✅Day 26 Instagram Ads for 1L Followers

⭐Google AdWords and Analytics

✅Day 27 Introduction to Google AdWords and types of AD campaign

✅Day 28 Creating Search AD, ,Display AD and Shopping Campaign

✅Day 29 Advertising on YouTube

✅Day 30 Setting up Google Analytics and Measuring Success


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