Data Analytics Master Class



What will you Learn?

✅Day-1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics & Road Map to become a Data Scientist


✅Day-2: Data Preparation – Power Query & Tables

✅Day-3: Data analytics- Formula & Pivot Table

✅Day-4: Story Telling – Charts & Dashboard

✅Day-5: Automation – VBA Macros & Power Query


✅Day-6: Descriptive Statistics – Mean, Mode, Median, Quartile, Range, InterQuartile Range, Standard Deviation

✅Day-7: Probability – Permutations, Combinations

✅Day-8: Population and Sampling

✅Day-9: Probability Distributions – Normal, Binomial and Poisson Distributions

✅Day-10: Hypothesis Testing & ANOVA – One Sample and Two Samples – z Test, t-Test, F Test and Chi-Square Test

BI tools – Tableu

✅Day-11: Connect Tableau to a Variety of Datasets

✅Day-12: Analyze, Blend, Join, and Calculate Data

✅Day-13: Visualize Data in the Form of Various Charts, Plots, and Maps

BI tools – Power BI

✅Day-14: Connect Tableau to a Variety of Datasets

✅Day-15: Visualize Data in the Form of Various Charts, Plots, and Maps and Calculate Data


✅Day-16: Introduction to Python & Installing Python and its Libraries

✅Day-17: Basic Python Programming for Data Analytics

Numpy & Pandas

✅Day-18: Python Numpy functions

✅Day-19: Pandas for Data analytics in Python

Data Visualization

✅Day-20: Matplotlib for data visualization

✅Day-21: Seaborn for data visualization

Kaggle Exploratory

✅Day-22: Kaggle Dataset and Notebooks

Database – SQL

✅Day-23: SQL basics for Data analytics – Part-1

✅Day-24: SQL basics for Data analytics – Part-2

Database – MongoDB

✅Day-25: MongoDB basics for Data analytics

Machine Learning

✅Day-26: Introduction to Machine Learning & its libraries

✅Day-27: Evaluating and Deploying Machine Learning Classification algorithm for classification of State of Electric power system

Deep Learning

✅Day-28: Introduction to Deep Learning & its libraries

✅Day-29: Covid-19 Detection using X-Ray Images with CNN

Natural Language Processing

✅Day-30: Tag Identification system using NLTK


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