Python Master Class



What will you Learn?

✅Introduction to Python

✅Installing & Working with Python IDLE

✅Configuring Environmental Variables – Command Window

✅Installing Anaconda Navigator (Jupyter Notebook)

✅Working with Anaconda Navigator (Spyder Notebook)

✅Working with Google Colab

✅Working with Pycharm

✅Working with Libraries

✅Simple Arithmetic

✅Introduction to Strings

✅Indexing and Slicing with Strings

✅String Properties and Methods

✅Print Formatting with Strings

✅Lists in Python

✅Dictionaries in Python

✅Tuples with Python

✅Sets in Python

✅Booleans in Python

✅I/O with Basic Files in Python

✅Python Objects and Data Structures

✅Comparison Operators in Python

✅Chaining Comparison Operators in Python with Logical Operators

✅If Elif and Else Statements in Python

✅For Loops in Python

✅While Loops in Python

✅Useful Operators in Python

✅List Comprehensions in Python

✅Methods and the Python Documentation

✅Introduction to Functions

✅Basics of Python Functions

✅Logic with Python Functions

✅Tuple Unpacking with Python Functions

✅*args and **kwargs in Python

✅Lambda Expressions, Map, and Filter Functions

✅Attributes & Class Keyword

✅Class Object Attributes and Methods

✅Inheritance and Polymorphism

✅Special(Magic/Dunder) Methods

✅Modules and Packages

✅name and “main”

✅Errors and Exceptions Handling

✅Pylint Overview

✅Decorators with Python Overview

✅Generators with Python

✅Python Collections Module

✅Opening and Reading Files and Folders

✅Python Datetime Module

✅Python Math and Random Modules

✅Python Debugger

✅Python Regular Expressions

✅Timing Your Python Code

✅Zipping and Unzipping files with Python

✅Setting Up Web Scraping Libraries

✅Grabbing a Title

✅Grabbing an Image

✅Book Examples

✅Introduction to Images with Python

✅Working with CSV Files in Python

✅Working with PDF Files in Python

✅Sending Emails with Python

✅Receiving Emails with Python


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