Embedded & IoT Starter Kit

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Introducing the Ultimate Embedded System Starter Kit

Dive into the world of embedded systems with our comprehensive starter kit, meticulously curated for both beginners and experts. Whether you’re building a home automation system, a weather monitoring station, or venturing into the world of IoT, our kit provides all the essential components you need.

What’s in the Box?

    • Power your projects with this high-performance microcontroller, ideal for complex tasks.
  • Nodemcu8266:
    • Step into the world of IoT with this WiFi module, allowing seamless connectivity.
  • Logic Analyzer:
    • Debug and analyze your circuits with precision.
  • USB Cables (x2):
    • Essential for powering your devices and ensuring connectivity.
  • AXL345:
    • A versatile accelerometer for motion-sensing projects.
  • DHT11:
    • Measure temperature and humidity with accuracy.
  • LED:
    • Illuminate your projects and add visual alerts.
  • 4X4 Keypad:
    • Input made easy for your devices.
  • Relay Module:
    • Control high-voltage devices safely.
  • Hc-05 (Bluetooth Module):
    • Enable wireless communication between devices.
  • LCD:
    • Display data and project outputs with clarity.
  • Breadboard:
    • Prototype your projects with ease.
  • Jumper Wire:
    • Make essential connections between components.

Inspiration for Your Next Project

Project Inspirations Included with the Kit

  1. IoT in Agriculture with Thingspeak: Monitor environmental conditions in real-time.
  2. Smart Humidity Sensor: Integrated with ThingSpeak, MATLAB, and IFTTT.
  3. Weather Monitoring using Microsoft Azure and Arduino.
  4. Home Automation using Google Assistant.
  5. Industrial IoT using Zigbee and WIFI (Windmill Case Study).
  6. Weather Monitoring using AWS IoT.
  7. Recording Sensor Data to Google Sheet using IFTTT with Arduino and Sending Alerts.
  8. Bluetooth Based Home Automation.
  9. ARM CORTEXM4 Temperature Monitoring.
  10. Sending Data to ThingSpeak with Arduino + Humidity + Air Quality (Weather Monitoring System).

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