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week ago
I attended the Matlab Masters class by Mr. M K Jeevarajan. The classes are amazing. The classes are started from scratch and detailed descriptions of all codes were explained. I just wish they make these classes 2 hours a day. In 30 days one could learn and understand what and how Matlab functions and works. There were live demonstrations of IRIS flower classification, digits classification and Breast cancer detection. Image processing and live motion capture for further analysis were also done. Fuzzy logic setting up was taught. We could make a traffic controller. Basics of GUI, video processing and apps making were done. We also learnt about various feature detection and then implimented KNN and SVM in ML. This is only my 13th day of the 30 day course and I strongly recommend you all to take this course. It is amazing. I thank the Pantech Solutions for conducting such courses.
Iliyasu Gupa Mohammed

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day ago
I really enjoyed the session that were conducted. After watching the session i enrolled for internship and it really helped me and now I'm confident and can give interview on the topics AI, ML and data analytics. I really want to thank 'Sanjay' and 'Pantech solution' for giving this opportunity. As Sanjay said there is lots of data on the internet but the quality and content you guys provided is very useful for easy learning. Even though I'm not from technical background I understood every line that were taught by you guys. SO thank you so much guys for this sessions and internship.
Prakash Jha