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Image processing Projects

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  1. Matlab Code for Seam Carving

    Seam carvingalso known as Image retargeting, content-aware image resizing, content-aware scaling, liquid resizing, or liquid rescaling, is an algorithm for image resizing.It functions by establishing a number of seams (paths of least importance) Learn More
  2. Matlab Code for Haze Removal

    Haze removal (or dehazing) is highly desired in both consumer/computational photography and computer vision applications. First, removing haze can significantly increase the visibility of the scene and correct the color shift caused by the airli Learn More
  3. Matlab code for Real Time Motion Detection

    Introduction to Real time Motion Detection in video surveillance, video signals from multiple remote locations are displayed on several TV screens which are typically placed together in a control room. In the so-called third generation surveilla Learn More
  4. Matlab code for Detection of Microcalcification

    Matlab code for Detection of Microcalcification Learn More
  5. Matlab Code for LSB Steganography

    Steganography is a branch of information hiding. It allows the people to communicate secretly. Asincreasingly more material becomes available electronically, the influence of steganography on our liveswill continue to grow. Many confidential inf Learn More
  6. Matlab Code for Target Detection

    Target detection refers to the use of high spectral resolution remotely sensed images to map the locations of a target or feature (often a plant species of interest) with a particular spectral or spatial signature. Target detection or feature ex Learn More
  7. Matlab code for Pixel level Image Fusion using Minimum Method

    Matlab code for Pixel level Image fusion using Minimum Method Learn More
  8. Matlab code for Pixel level Image fusion using Maximum Method

    The Selection method is also one of the trivial methods of image fusion. But unlike averaging method, instead of averaging every corresponding pixel, a selection process if performed here. The criterion of selection is Learn More
  9. Matlab Code for Pixel Level Image fusion using Average Method

    Matlab Code for Pixel Image fusion using Average Method As mentioned previously in this report, the very concept of information fusion arose from the idea of averaging the available information. Image Fusion also saw a s Learn More
  10. Matlab Code for Image Retrieval

    Image retrieval techniques are useful in many image-processing applications. Content-based image retrieval systems work with whole images and searching is based on comparison of the query. General techniques for image retrieval are color, textur Learn More
  11. Matlab Code for Image Compression using SPIHT Algorithm

    Image compression is minimizing the size in bytes of a graphics file without degrading the quality of the image to an unacceptable level. The reduction in file size allows more images to be stored in a given amount of disk or memory space. It al Learn More

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11 Item(s)