Aircraft Recognition Using Template Matching Using Matlab


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The project proposes to detect an aircraft in satellite remote sensing image using shape features for accurate detection and tracking. High resolution multispectral satellite images with multi-angular look capability have tremendous potential applications. Here the system involves an object tracking algorithm with three-step processing that includes moving object estimation, target modeling, and target matching. This recognition system involves dimensionality reduction, segmentation and aircraft identification with templates. The satellite remote sensing image dimensionality is reduced using principal component analysis. Here, Histogram probability thresholding is used to detect the desired object from background. Connected component analysis is used here to label the segmented image for grouping similar objects. It is used to extract the local object shape descriptors for identifying desired target. Correlation measurement is used for measuring similarity between two different object region features. This is used to locate the aircraft region for tracking it and it shows that reliable and compatible method for this process. Potentially moving objects are first identified on the time-series images. The target is then modeled by extracting both spectral and spatial features. In the target matching procedure, template will be used as matching model to recognize an aircraft for accurate detection. Final simulated will be demonstrated the capability of object tracking in remote sensing images with help of used approaches.


  • Global thresholding method
  • Fourier descriptors and Edge detection
  • K-nearest neighbour method for matching


  • Detection of object is not optimal for all lighting conditions of an image.
  • Lack of representing shape of object regions.
  • Low recognition accuracy.


Automatic aircraft detection from high resolution remote sensing images using shape analysis based on,

  • Otsu(Histogram probability) thresholding with connected component analysis and Correlation measurement




  • Principal component analysis
  • Histogram probability thresholding
  • CC analysis and Local region descriptors
  • Correlation measurement


  • It provides better accuracy of segmenting objects
  • Correlation is useful to detect desired object with help of templates rather than euclidean distance.
  • Flexibility and better compatible approaches in recognition


  • Surveillance
  • Defense area and Navigation


  • MATLAB 7.8 or above versions





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