Wireless Black Box Using Mems Accelerometer And Gps Tracking For Accidental Monitoring Of Vehicles Arduino

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Pre-accident detection tracking of collision Intelligent system

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Nowadays most of the vehicle in a critical situation many vehicles faces accident, due to this lot of person lost their lives. Some people can be saved at that time, but because of a lack of information, time and place it may not be possible. Our project will provide an optimum solution to that drawback. The accelerometer sensor is used in a car alarm application Dangerous driving can be detected with an accelerometer sensor. This project used to collect crash recorder of the vehicle movements before, during and after a crash., an accident can be recognized from the accelerometer sensor. when an accident happened means immediately the vehicle number and person contact number will be transferred to the police control room or a rescue team. The police can immediately track the accident location from where the message came. Then after confirming the location, necessary action will be taken. In a second application on an uncertain situation, many of vehicle that has a central locking system, Such as door locking system faces many problems due to the automatic locking system. If no way to open the lock. This project will provide a solution to this situation. This can be done by using GSM Technology.


Most of the accidents happened with the motorcycle. Nowadays this problem is still increasing due to poor rider’s like speed driving, drunk driving, riding with no helmet protection, riding without sufficient sleep, etc. The numbers of death because of late assistance to people who got the accident. Therefore, the research group and major motorcycle manufacturers including Honda have developed safety devices to protect riders from accidental injuries. The good safety device for a motorcycle is difficult to implement and very expensive. Accident detection with a tracking system only. In this project black box using a MEMS accelerometer sensor and GPS location tracking system is developed for accidental monitoring. When the accident will happen at the same time GSM will send the authorized mobile phone. The  Location of the vehicle sends a short message using a GPS device to a family member. The system consists of an accelerometer sensor, Arduino Uno microcontroller, GPS device and GSM module for sending a short message. An accelerometer sensor is applied X, Y, Z direction fall detection of an accident. The speed of the motorcycle and threshold algorithm is used to decide a fall or accident in real-time. A mobile short message containing position from GPS (latitude, longitude) will be sent when a motorcycle accident is detected. The robust package design is implemented so that it is safe from water’s spray and dust in the environment. This system is installed under the motorcycle seat. A high-performance microcontroller is used to process and store real-time signals from an accelerometer sensor. Thus, this device is analogous to a black box in an airplane. The police and insurance examiner can obtain accident history using a black box to investigate accident situations from data-logger in this device. The device keeps a data log of track and acceleration data for 1 minute before and after an accident. Moreover, this device can be used to track a motorcycle after it was stolen but it can’t operate in real-time in this case. In this case, the user can send request command with the alphabet to the device and the device will return the position with some basic information.

Existing System

  • Post-Accident Detection Systems.
  • Lack of Intelligence in the detection systems.

Proposed System

  • Pre-accident detection
  • Tracking of collision
  • Intelligent system

Block Diagram

block diagram of Wireless Black Box Using Mems Accelerometer And Gps Tracking For Accidental Monitoring Of Vehicles Arduino

Working & Operations

The vehicle section is the most important section of this entire project. The vehicle section includes

  • Microcontroller unit
  • MEMS
  • GPS
  • Serial communication
  • Indicator
  • Amplifying circuit

The MCU controls the entire operation of this section. Arduino is the controller that we are using in this ambulance section. The vibration sensors fixed on the vehicle to collects the vibration to the amplifying circuit. The amplifying circuit will amplify the obtaining vibrations and given to the MEMS. A microcontroller as able to store factors such as vibration, and mems value It is connected with the accelerometer sensor hence if the speed of the vehicle is at a high rate speed it will give a warning alarm (indicator) to the driver. If the driver continues the driving with the same speed and accident occurs, the MEMS can detect whether it is a linear (only x-axis) or nonlinear (x, y, z directions). Also, it can store all the data of the vehicle with the cause of the accident. GPS and GSM are connected to this system. The communication for GPS and GSM can be done through serial communication. The serial communication is creating an interface through which it covert CMOS to TTL logic. The GPS is used to locate the position (longitude and latitude) of the vehicle.

The GSM in the black box can send a message to the ambulance section and GSM of the family member. The message includes the location, time and other details regarding the accident. This message helps the ambulance section and the family member about the accident and the ambulance section can collect the patient from the accident spot to the hospital. The indicator for warning alarm can be done with the help of a buzzer. This section has a direct power supply for the entire unit will get from the battery fixed in the vehicle. The power supply can be given directly to the microcontroller unit since it controls the entire unit.


Hardware Tools    

  • Arduino
  • MEMS  Sensor
  • Vibration Sensor
  • GSM
  • GPS                                                                   

Software Tools

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded c


  • Crash recorders
  • Event recorders

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