Blynk App Based Smart Door Lock System

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In this project, we are developed IoT based door lock system with the help of Nodemcu ESP8266. 

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Nowadays the home security system is very poor. This paper is consists of a smart door lock system in this we developed on a great solution to improve the home safety system. Arduino IDE software in this we used Wi-Fi devices to operate the door lock-in the home. The microcontroller is connected to l293d driver IC that driver IC is used to operate the DC Gearmotor in forward(Open) and backward (Close) and the motor is controlling the door lock. In this method, all data are controlling by the blynk android application in that app we are created two buttons to control the home door lock one is open and another one close form the blynk app we can control form anywhere is function is called as IOT.

Existing System

  • Before there is no safety system for home applications and anybody can use the home equipment.

Proposed System

  • In this project, we are controlling the door lock in the IOT platform of the Blynk android application.
  • Blynk app we are created one new project form that we selected two buttons to open and close the door lock. When the data was received for the blynk app the nodemcu esp8266 has transferred the information to the l293d driver that driver controls the dc gear motor. When we press the open button door lock will open at the same process to close the door lock. This method is called a smart door lock system.

Block Diagram

block diagram of Blynk App Based Smart Door Lock System



Hardware Tools

  • Nodemcu ESP8266
  • Motor Driver Circuit
  • DC Motor
  • Door Lock

Software Tools

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded-C

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