PLCC Based Device Control using Arduino

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In this project, We are used PLCC (Power Line Communication) Technology-Based Device Control using Arduino Uno. 

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Numerous studies have shown that smart homes or intelligent buildings can use energy more efficiently than traditional buildings. Almost proposed smart home architectures in the literature adopt the PLCC WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) as the dominant Technology. The WSN, rather than Wi-Fi, has been popularly employed for remote control and monitoring applications. Because it has a low cost and consumes little Power. However, several problems in the construction of smart Homes with WSNs are yet to be solved. The studies presented a comprehensive review of problems related to the development of smart homes with WSN technologies. For WSNs, if the network coverage Exceeds a certain range or the network environment cannot Provide line-of-sight transmission, then high transmission error and data loss rates may occur. Hence, designing a scalable Network infrastructure for WSNs is very important. Although several techniques have been proposed to improve WSN Connectivity, the challenge of improving connectivity In WSNs still exists. Furthermore, WSNs and WLANs both operating within 2.4 GHz ISM Industrial, Science, and Medical, Band. Experimental results have demonstrated that Wi-Fi networks and WSNs may function together even they Operate in the same frequency band. However, inevitable Wireless interference and packet losses may occur in WSNs. To solve this problem, some methods have been proposed for Interference avoidance or coordinating such a heterogeneous Network environment. However, a more effective Interference immunity solution for WSNs remains to be found. To resolve the issue of wireless interference, the WSN is integrated herein with the PLC (Power Line Communication) Technology to realize a smart home control network.

Block Diagram


block diagram of PLCC Based Device Control using Arduino


block diagram of PLCC Based Device Control using Arduino

Demo Video


Block Diagram Explanation

The system controls application through PLCC. In PC you will be providing instruction to control the application ON and OFF condition. PLCC, Power Line Carrier Communication, is an approach to utilize the existing power lines for the transmission of information. PLCC WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) as the dominant Technology. We can make wireless communication to control the devices. From this, we can send the character to on or off the application through the power line

Hardware Requirements

  • Plcc (TX /RX) Module
  • Arduino
  • Lamp
  • Cooling Fan

Software Requirements

  • Arduino IDE
  • Orcad Design

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