Automatic Baby bed using Arduino


The project is designed to help parents and nurses in infants care. Cradle starts swinging automatically when baby cry and swings till the baby stops crying.
Sends message to mother’s mobile when baby cries for more than a stipulated time indicating that baby needs attention

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Generally, the baby cradle is using to make sleep and soothe to the baby. For example, the guardian has to take care of their child until as they asleep. In this project, we did one solution for a baby bed. In this, we used servo motor, sound sensor, and dry or wet condition on the baby bed and the value is sent to a Thingspeak cloud in this project. The baby is sleeping on the cradle that time baby is crying means the sound sensor is found the baby crying sound. If a baby is crying means guardian of the baby comes and soothe the cradle. But in the solution when the sound sensor found the crying sound at the same time automatically cradle is soothing to the baby how means the servo motor operated with a particular angle. The rain sensor is used to found the dry or wet condition on the baby bed. In this project, we upload the value through the esp8266 Wi-Fi module into IOT cloud Thingspeak.


The baby cradle which is manually designed does not require any power supply to operate. The Guardian has to cradle their child themselves whenever needed. There are many manual baby cradle designs available in the market such as wood cradle and cloth cradle only used before in baby cradle. But in this project, we used automatic baby cradle design and additional features that mean found the baby bed is wet or dry and the baby is crying or not and servo motor is used to soothing the cradle.


Proposed system

  • To design the development of intelligent baby care, which has the ability to monitor baby movement bed-wet condition? 
  • To make a baby cradle is safe and comfortable for baby with using a Sound sensor to detect the crying or not a baby body as well as bed-wet condition to keep away baby from a hygienic environment. 
  • We made the cradle innovation that is more flexible and low cost expensive to market. User-friendly- simple and complete with instruction


Block diagram

block diagram of Automatic Baby bed using Arduino

Demo Video

Block diagram description

  • In this diagram two sensor and one servo, motor and esp8266 Wi-Fi module and the main thing is the baby cradle
  • If a baby is crying means the sound sensor will sense the sound at the same time servo motor will be soothing the baby cradle
  • The rain sensor is used to found the dry or wet on the baby bed.
  • This sensor value is upload in the Thingspeak cloud
  • This automatic process is done by the Arduino Uno microcontroller.


Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino UNO
  • sound sensor
  • Servo Motor
  • Rain sensor
  • ESP8266 module

Software Requirements

  • Arduino IDE
  • Orcad design 

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