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Software Defined Radio

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What is software defined radio ?

Software defined radio (SDR) is a communication system,where components that have been implemented in hardware(Mixers,Filters,Modulators,Demodulators) are instead implemented by software so it could be reconfigured easily as per the requirement.most of the SDR system uses FPGA.

What are the popular SDR available in the Market

Basic Block Diagram of SDR

Basic Block Diagram of SDR

How to choose an SDR

  • Frequency Range
  • Power
  • Flexible Software Options(Open Source, Proprietary Software)
  •  ADC & DAC  Resolution
  •  Portable
  • Connectors for Various Antenna

Lab Experiments using SDR and Matlab

Topic 1: Introduction to Communication Systems 
– Spectrum Analyzer using SDR

Topic 2: Amplitude Modulation 
– Observing Amplitude Modulated Waveforms using SDR 
– QAM Transceiver Simulation 
– DSB Large Carrier Receiver using SDR 
– DSB Large Carrier Transmitter using SDR

Topic 3: Frequency Modulation 
– Investigating Broadcast FM Radio Signals using SDR 
– Passband FM Modulator Simulation 
– Baseband FM Communication System Simulation 
– Observing and Demodulation FM Waveforms using SDR 
– Automatic Picture Transmission (APT) Receiver using SDR

Topic 4: Digital Communication 
– Observing Digital Carrier Modulated Waveforms using SDR 
– Bit Error Rate Simulation 
– BSPK Receiver: Carrier Synchronization and Symbol Timing Recovery using SDR 
– DBPSK Communication using SDR

Topic 5: Spread Spectrum Communications 
– DSSS Simulation 
– Code Division Multiplexing Simulation 
– DSSS BPSK Communication using SDR

Topic 6: Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing 
– Multicarrier Communications Simulation 
– FFT Processing for OFDM Modulation and Demodulation 
– IEEE 802.11a WiFi Waveforms

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