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Deep learning using matlab -2019

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A deep learning based approach for automatic detection of bike riders with no helmet           

A fully deep neural network for lung tumor identification

A framework for traffic signal analysis using image processing and deep learning

An approach for turbidity detection using deep learning techniques

Analysis of ECG signal and classification of heart abnormalities using Neural Network

Automatic methods for classification of plant diseases using Convolutional neural network

Change Detection in Optical Satellite Images using convolutional neural network

Dental panoramic radiographic authentication for security applications

Detecting and Classifying Fetal Brain Abnormalities using Deep Learning

Detecting Diseases in gastrointestinal Biopsy Images using deep learning

Development of Automated Brain Tumor Identification Using MRI Images

Dry and Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration Classification using OCT Images and Deep Learning

Multi-level image representation for large scale image retrieval in crime scene applications

Machine Vision based Quality Analysis of Rice Grains

Machine learning based approach for detecting ripe fruit detection

Image De-noising and Segmentation based on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Fuzzy C-Means Clustering

Glaucoma detection using fundus images of the eye using CNN

Fine-grained plant image classification using deep neural network

Estimating Weight with Digital Image Processing using Deep Learning

Classification of malignant melanoma and Benign Skin Lesion by Using deep learning

Chicken Meat Freshness Identification using Colors and Textures Feature

A deep learning approach to classify the galaxies for astronomy applications

The Implementation of an Ingredient-Based Food recognition System

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  1. Bryan Ordas

    Hello! I just want to know what would be the steps on doing the Chicken Meat Freshness Identification using Colors and Textures Feature? I am working on my school thesis now and I think this would be a real help for me. Thanks!

    1. Pantech

      Hai, It is possible by using CNN. Make a query to the WhatsApp number +919003113840

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