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TOP 200 IoT Projects for Engineering Students

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This blog post summarizes the Internet of things based projects for engineering students

TOP 200 IoT Projects for Engineering Student

Internet of things (IoT) is an advanced technology that makes our lives simpler and happier. With the rapid increase in the number of users of the internet over the past decade has made the Internet a part and parcel of life, and IoT is the latest and emerging internet technology. IoT Technology waves us to the world where we can connect, interact and command any Device using the Internet. It is a Giant Network of connecting things and people. With this simple and powerful technology, we can make many amazing projects to control any electronic devices at home or in Industries. We made those projects it’s Your time… Check out 200 New Real-time project ideas Now…

1)IoT Based Humidity and Temperature Monitoring Using Arduino Uno

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If you want to know the temperature/Humidity of your home on a real-time basis, You can see it in your smart mobile whenever you want and where ever you might be the information reaches you with a single click. Is it not interesting, All such can be done with devices which report you. In Our project we used the DHT11 sensor for sensing temperature and humidity, Arduino microcontroller is used to control the devices and ESP8266-01 as the Wifi module which has the facility to upload data to IoT cloud(Thingspeak).

2)IoT Weather Reporting system using Raspberry pi

As the scope for Automation is increasing, many industries and organizations are looking over a better option that can be only IoT. This project helps you in weather reporting. We used many sensors that can help in sensing all-weather monitoring parameters and RaspberryPi gathers all the information from them and uploads it to the Thingspeak cloud which is a wonderful application platform for IoT, where you can see the report that sensors send you.

3)IoT Connected Healthcare Applications

IoT technology spread its wings to the Medical sector to save many lives. The aim of developing this project is to monitor the health condition of a person anywhere and send the information to a specialized doctor to check up. Using this frequency of visiting doctor decreases. We developed a project using Wearable sensors with solar harvesting and Bluetooth low energy transmission that creates a wireless body area network (WBAN). Using this project you can detect the heartbeat, Blood pressure, hemoglobin content, etc., All these reports can be used for analyzing a person’s health.

4)IoT Based Intelligent Traffic Management System

As the population increases the effort on Traffic is also increasing. In many metropolitan cities, it is being difficult for the traffic Management team to control it. So, IoT can help the traffic system to be automated and monitor the traffic status using the internet. We can also extend these applications to coordinate the ambulance according to the traffic status. We have used RaspberryPi and Camera to monitor the traffic in real-time and upload the report to the traffic control officer’s panel.

5)IoT Based Smart Parking System Using RFID

With the increase in usage of vehicles, Parking space is very difficult to find. we need to use the human effort to check where to park our vehicle. To overcome this problem we developed a Smart Parking system that shows you space to park your vehicle. Here our car will have an RFID sensor for vehicle identification. Whenever a vehicle need to be parked in the parking slot you can check the status of the available slot on a web page and place your vehicle there. Really Smart….

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6)Smart Irrigation System Using IoT

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Every living organism needs food to live, We cannot imagine life without Irrigation. If everything gets automated even irrigation systems also need to be. We have developed a Smart Irrigation system using the concept of IoT. As we know farming has different stages, To help these farmers in understanding the climatic conditions, the moisture content in the soil and to make their decisions easy we have developed Smart Irrigation System using IoT. We used different sensors that sense temperature, moisture and humidity of the agricultural area. Information on all sensor nodes is collected by the ZigBee module and transmits the data to microcontroller connected with the wifi module that uploads the report on the cloud where a farmer can monitor those parameters in their Smartphones or PC on daily basis and take necessary steps to make their agriculture farm grow smart…

7)IoT Based Smart Waste Management System for Smart City

We have developed cities that has many facilities for making people’s life simpler, But still, Waste management is a big challenge as the population is increasing day by day. We see the municipality waste management team monitoring all the dustbins every day even the dustbin is not filled. Let’s help them to be smart using IoT, this project acts as a waste management guard at every dustbin. Whenever the dustbin is about to fill it sends information to the team to collect the waste and also differentiates wet and dry waste. This is our smart way of protecting the living environment with garbage.

8)Build a Cloud-based temperature Monitoring system IOT using Spartan3an Starter Kit

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In many industries, Temperature is a very important parameter and they will be using big servers to store the monitored data on a daily basis. Building a cloud-based temperature monitoring system is the best way to store data on a cloud and can have access to monitor the temperature anywhere in the world. We used SPARTAN3AN STARTER KIT which is connected with the temperature sensor and Wifi module-ESP8266 that helps in uploading the information to store in the cloud that prevents data loss. We use technology to build Smart solutions.

9)IoT Based Smart Street Light

Energy consumption and management are a major task for people to lighten up our next generation’s future. We waste electricity, Let’s be smart enough in reducing energy consumption. In this practice, we developed automatic street lights that act smart using IoT. Our project Street light intensity gets changed along with the environment. If you walk at night the intensity will be high and morning it falls to the minimum. We can monitor this using your smart gadgets. Thingspeak cloud is used as IoT platform and Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi along with light sensors are used to be Smart.

10. IoT Based Smart Grid System

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An IoT Project that can monitor the energy consumption of your Devices with a Smart Energy Meter which tells you the amount of energy consumed by a particular device. With this Project, you can also Operate your Devices using IoT.

11. IoT based Water Quality Management system using Arduino 

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This project is used to test the quality of the water and sends the data to the cloud

12. IoT Smart Home automation using Node MCU

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As the technology is Developing everything is getting Automated, In this part, Home Automation is one of the ruling IoT applications. In this project, we have developed Smart Home Automation using Node MCU. Node MCU is one of the IoT platforms that has inbuilt wifi in it-ESP8266Wi-FiSoC.

13.Fault Diagnosis and small wind turbine monitoring

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14.IoT based forest fire Alarm System

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This project contains node MCU and fire sensors, connected to the thingspeak cloud, a Matlab code was running on the things speak server to predict the data from various fire sensor and send email and SMS using IFTTT

15)IoT based Smart Umbrella System using Raspberry Pi

This project is to develop a smart umbrella system using IOT, which can measure rainfall and it can predict the weather condition with the notion in your smartphone. It’s about the real-time weather condition and it can be designed using Raspberry Pi.

16)IoT Based Baby Monitoring System Using RaspberryPi

This project presents an idea to design a Smart Cradle System using IOT which will help the parents to monitor their child even if they are away from home & detect every activity of the Baby from any distant corner of the world. It is an innovative, smart & protective Cradle System to nurture an infant in an efficient way.In this proposed system, both sensors and forecasting cloud is used, so that resulting data having high accuracy about the children condition, also we are using surveillance of the children using camera from a Wide Area Network (WAN) which can be viewed in the Web Application and also can control the situation from a remote area anywhere from the world.

17)IoT Based Fire Detection System Using FPGA

Building a cloud-based Fire monitoring system is very important to reduce the cost of maintaining servers, to avoid data losses and to make access easy with multiple internet-connected devices ( computer, tablet, mobile phone)  at the same time anywhere in the world. Using the Internet of Things (IOT). Here, we are going to design a fire detection system and data to upload it to a ThingSpeak cloud using FPGA

18)IoT based Gas Leakage Monitoring system using FPGA

Building a cloud-based gas monitoring system is very important to reduce the cost of maintaining servers, to avoid data losses and to make access easy with multiple internet-connected devices ( computer, tablet, mobile phone)  at the same time anywhere in the world. Here, we can read gas leakage in industries at a time we can measure and upload it to a ThingSpeak cloud using FPGA and ESP8266- module. FPGA KIT fetch data of different gas sensors like MQ5 sensors and Process it and give it to an ESP8266 Module.

19)IoT Based Smart Irrigation System using FPGA

In this project iot concept is implemented on the agriculture field, to increase the yield of we connect different sensors and send the data to the cloud and monitor and predict data using Matlab.

20)Cloud based Smart Energy meter using FPGA

The efficient use of energy becomes more crucial when an increase in the cost of energy is observed. Since energy management is required to define the amount of consumed energy in a specific period of time, the utilization of Energy Meters is essential. It is possible to measure the consumed energy by using a simple energy meter. But sometimes the limited functionality of these meters restricts their area of application; especially in inaccessible positions or in situations where visibility of the meter is poor, it is not possible to use such an appliance. A possible solution is a Wireless Energy Meter (WEM) which is able to send its data via wireless communication to an IOT where monitoring and analysis of the data will be easily made.

21)IoT Based Water Level Monitoring System using FPGA

This project uses water level monitoring using ultrasonic sensor and FPGA, Data was sent to clould, you can turn on or turn off the valve of a particular tank online.This project uses spartan 6 FPGA starter kit and wifi module, you can have connected 10-20 ultrasonic sensors to the could also have multiple nodes from various location.We use thinks to speak cloud to get the data from the FPGA.

22)IoT based weather station using FPGA

In this project temperature, humidity, moisture, and other data or upload to the kit.Users can select the threshold if they want to send SMS or email when particular data exceeds.This project uses Spartan 6 FPGA and esp wifi module.

23)Data logger of Brain parameters in Google sheets using Mindwave mobile with Raspberry Pi

Brain-Computer Interface technology is innovated to the analysis of the brain to predict human thoughts or to control applications using the brain. As the next stage of analysis based on Machine Learning to our Brain, we need data logs of our Brain parameters, so we need the logs of data which should contain Brain values. This can be done by using Raspberry Pi to take values from the Brain and to uploading the Brain values in Raspberry Pi.

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24)Smart Irrigation using Raspberry PI

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In this project, we use two soil moisture sensor and solenoid valve.Raspberry pi gets the weather data from the cloud and checks for the rain possibility, it also checks the field data, depending upon the soil data it will turn on the motor.

25) IoT Family Monitoring Robot Based on Raspberry Pi

In this paper, we going to make a robot for monitoring family activities and also to monitor the health of the family. 

26) MQTT based Monitoring System for Coal Mine using Raspberry Pi

Due to global warming and climate changes, there are challenging situations in the coal mine. To reduce the cost as well as to improve productivity along with product quality the automation in the field of a coal mine is necessary, which will also reduce the mineworkers’ efforts. This project proposes a design of an IOT system with the MQTT protocol, with the help of the Raspberry pi controller which is able to monitor the temperature, humidity, gas, and status of smoke in an underground mine. This system utilizes low power, cost-effective Raspberry pi, a temperature sensor LM35, humidity sensor SYSH220, smoke detector, gas sensor for sensing the mine climate parameters and Wi-Fi for remote logging of data at a central location to control the climate state. Every sensor values get reported through the MQTT protocol at every certain interval of time. If there is any sudden increase in any of those sensor values along with data log, ten seconds of video has been captured and sends to the server’s mail.

27) Smart Doorbell system using IoT

In this proposed system, we are having a database of authorized person list by registering their faces by entering OTP, so that non authorized person can’t able to enter the home until they enter the correct OTP. Whenever some person pressing calling bell switch, the camera gets triggered and capture the image of the intruder and checks that the image to the database, if that face is not matching with the database, it sends an email containing that intruder image and OTP, when intruder type the OTP by the owners’ knowledge then it authenticates the user to enter.

28)Raspberry Pi based Home Automation System using NFC and IoT

In our proposed system a basic home automation application on Raspberry Pi, which is automatically turned ON when NFC band is within the range and turned OFF automatically when it is out of range. So home automation becomes further advantageous using the NFC band.NFC-Near Field Communication is a set of the communication protocol used for exchanging the data between two devices, here it is not needed to be paired for every time. Normally, if Bluetooth is turned ON it, always looking for Nearby devices for every certain interval of time, by using this technology, when the users NFC band comes into the range, Bluetooth will identify the band, by identifying that state we just turned ON of all Home appliances.The range of the device can be configurable through the program, based on the room size. So that it will be switched at the right range either IN/OUT.

29)MQTT Home automation using Raspberry pi

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This project controls home using a lightweight protocol using the raspberry pi.The main advantage of this project is, you can control the home at low internet speed.Data transmission will be faster than the HTTP protocol.

30)IoT based Water Management System using Raspberry Pi

In this project, we monitor the water quality by connecting the PH sensor, conductivity sensor and turbidity sensor which is collected in raspberry pi and uploaded over the Cloud for analysis.In the proposed system the same setup, we have from the Existing system but we have to add a Flow sensor and a Solenoid valve. The purpose of using the flow sensor is to find out How much water is consumed by each house. And solenoid valve is to the Automatic Closing of the pipe. This whole system will act as a water quality and Water regulated supply system.

31)IoT based smart E-mirror Using OpenCV with Raspberry-Pi

In this proposed method, every morning at specific time system gets ON and says the date time and weather with welcome note and also whenever user go in front of the camera it will look for the face of the user, if it matches with the user, it displays time, date and weather in a mirror display and also it says as a voice output.

32)MQTT based Smart Waste Collection Management using Raspberry Pi

In this proposed system, waste is managed in two different waste accordingly i.e. dry and wet. In this system, the speed of the network does not matter as MQTT is a very lightweight protocol that will work with low internet speed also with a high-speed transfer of data. Automation i.e. machine to machine communication without any involvement of the human.

33)Control Home appliance by Telegram app using Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi connected to the Network, which is programmed for receiving chats from the Telegram app, whenever we send messages to the configured number to switch on the light as chat lights get turned on similarly appliances can be turned off by sending OFF chats. Command chats can be configurable.

34)Industry Monitoring with data logger in Google sheet using Raspberry Pi

This Raspberry Pi industry monitoring system which having some sensors, taking sensor values and converting using Analog to Digital, then for data logging which will be helpful to review the industry parameter, instead of data log manually, every data values will be uploaded to Google sheets which already get authenticated and by generating  JSON file for every individuals.

35)IoT Based Transmission Line Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi

The aim of this project is to decrease power consumption for delay-sensitive and delay insensitive traffic. A fuzzy rule table is constructed with the prediction of the average inter-arrival time of frame on the basis of outcome sleep time and power is evaluated. The proposed method offers effective power efficiency than the previous inter-arrival time method using Raspberry Pi.

36) Web server using ARM 7

The aim of the project is to control the devices or equipment’s from the remote place through a web page. Here all the devices, which are to be controlled, are connected to the ARM 7 Evaluation Board. The web-server circuit is connected to LAN or Internet. The client or a person on the PC is also connected to the same LAN or the Internet. By typing the IP-address of LAN on the web browser, the user gets a web page on screen; this page contains all the information about the status of the devices. The user can also control the devices interfaced with the web server by pressing a button provided on the web page.

37) Web server using PIC16F877A

The aim of the project is to control the devices or equipment’s from the remote place through a web page. Here all the devices, which are to be controlled, are connected to the PIC evaluation board and serial ethernet board. The web-server circuit is connected to LAN or Internet. The client or a person on the PC is also connected to the same LAN or the Internet. By typing the IP-address of LAN on the web browser, the user gets a web page on screen; this page contains all the information about the status of the devices. The user can also control the devices interfaced with the web server by pressing a button provided on the web page.

38)Accessing Attendance Of An Organization Through IOT

This paper proposes an approach that can be applied in Universities, schools, colleges, and various Organizations. With the aid of Proposed work employees can be monitored automatically without any conventional methods and at a reasonable price compared to already existing programs. The proposed work depends on smart devices that are inclined to members of schools, organizations, where each smart device has a special MAC (physical) address. Students can be connected to the application through MAC address and results can be saved finally, we can generate the report on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. The proposed system consists of two parts; the first one is a website, which can be accessed through the main screen of the system management like registration of student data, adding the admin to the system and so on. The second part is a system work environment which is a controller (Raspberry Pi) and running the main script of the system. Finally, results can be obtained automatically based on students’ MAC addresses. For some exceptional cases, an Android application has been developed for admin to update all future plans. At present, the system can be operated by itself and also can be a part of other integrated systems.

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