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Best Communication Projects 2019

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This blog post provides the best communication projects for ece students .

A Joint Optimization Framework for Energy Harvesting based Cooperative CR Networks

A Novel Discrete Wavelet Transform based Coherent Optical OFDM System

A Novel Low Complexity PAPR Reduction scheme for TDS-OFDM Systems

A Unified QoS and Security Provisioning Framework for Wiretap Cognitive Radio Networks

An Investigation of the Effects of Different UW Sequences on the PAPR Performance of UW-OFDM Systems

An OFDM Multi-user Spectrum Resource Allocation Algorithm Based on Joint Access Mechanism

Compressive Sensing in Channel Estimation for SISO and MIMO OFDM Systems

Design and Analysis of an OFDM-based Orthogonal Chaotic Vector Shift Keying Communication System

Dual-Mode OFDM with Coded Direct Index Modulation for the Spectrum Efficiency Improvement

Encrypted Image Transmission over OFDM System

Framework for Discrete Rate Transmission in buffer aided underlay CRN with direct path

Hybrid Overlay-Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks With Energy Harvesting

Joint Sensing Duration Adaptation, User Matching and Power Allocation for Cognitive OFDM-NOMA systems

LDPC-Coded OFDM-System with BPSK Modulation

OFDM-QAM Modulation for Future Wireless Communications

On Cyclic Delay Diversity Based Single Carrier Scheme in Spectrum Sharing Systems

PAPR Reduction in OFDM-IM Using Multilevel Dither Signals

Transmission of encrypted image over OFDM

Subcarrier and Power Allocations for Dimmable Enhanced ADO-OFDM With Iterative Interference Cancellation

Spectrum-Occupancy Aware Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Using Adaptive Detection

Short Block Turbo Coded OFDM with near Sphere Packing Bound Performance

Performance Evaluation of Non-uniform Modulation of OFDM Subcarrier in the Underwater Acoustic Environment

Performance Analysis of Index Bit Error Rate of SIM-OFDM on AWGN Channels

Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Suppression using Companding schemes in OFDM Systems

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