IoT Based Energy Meter System Using FPGA

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In this project we are implementing the energy calculation in homes ,industries and commercial places. In this project we are calculating the energy and thresh hold value reaches then data sent to the particular person through GSM module.

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Efficient use of energy becomes more crucial when increase in the cost of energy is observed. Since energy management is required to define the amount of consumed energy in a specific period of time, utilization of Energy Meters is essential. It is possible to measure the consumed energy by using a simple energy meter. But sometimes the limited functionality of these meters restricts their area of application; especially in inaccessible positions or in the situations where visibility of the meter is poor, it is not possible to use such an appliance. A possible solution is a Wireless Energy Meter (WEM) which is able to send its data via wireless communication to a IOT where monitoring and analysis of the data will be easily made.


IoT Based Energy Meter System Using FPGA



  • CT and PT transformers
  • ESP8266-01


  • XILINX_ISE 14.7

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