IoT Based Smart Irrigation System using FPGA


In this project we are going to implement irrigation system using sensors like soil_moisture and water sensor. sensor data uploaded into thingspeak(IOT).If sensor data reaches thresh_hold value motor automatically turn on at any time without human involvement.

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Here, Smart irrigation system is designed and data has to be uploaded in ThingSpeak cloud using FPGA and ESP8266- module. Building a cloud based monitoring system is very important to reduce the cost of maintaining servers, to avoid data losses and to make the access easy with multiple internet connected devices ( computer, tablet, mobile phone)  at the same time anywhere in the world. Using Internet of Things (IOT). FPGA KIT fetch a data of soil moisture sensor and PH sensor and Process it and give it to a ESP8266 Module. ESP8266 is a WiFi module, it is one of the leading platform for Internet of Things. It can transfer a data to IOT cloud.


IoT based smart irrigation system using fpga



  • Spartan6 FPGA Starter Kit
  • ESP8266-01 WIFI Module
  • Wi-Fi Modem with Internet


  • Soil moisture sensor
  • PH sensor
  • Water level sensor


  • Xilinx ISE 14.7i
  • Language: VHDL

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