Smart Doorbell system using IoT


Smart Doorbell system uses Face authentication and OTP authentication system to get authenticated to open the door

Face Recognition | OTP generation and transfer through SMTP

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Security has always been an important issue in the home or office. A remote home security system offers many more benefits apart from keeping home owners, and their property, safe from intruders. The system is composed of the Doorbell interfaced with Raspberry pi, whoever press the doorbell, the camera gets triggered and capture their face and it checking for their face with its database which already has registered faces, if it is an authorized person door will open, otherwise it sends an OTP with their photograph of the intruder to server mail. Only when non authorized person entered that OTP, that face gets added to the authorized person’s database to open the door.


In this system, security that combines the functions of smart phone and home network system. It enables the users to monitor visitors in real-time, remotely via the IoT-based doorbell installed near the entrance door to a house. This system makes security as further autonomous by capturing the image automatically and processing the image for facial matching and uses mail communication to the server to confirm the intruder is known or unknown. And also make them as a known person by entering the OTP which is sent to the mail server.

Existing system

In an existing system, there is only RF based security system, the main drawback in this system, whoever having that RF card it allows that person, it doesn’t look for any facial recognition.

Proposed system

In this proposed system, we are having database of authorized person list by registering their faces by entering OTP, so that non authorized person can’t able to enter the home until they entering the OTP. Whenever some person pressing calling bell switch, the camera gets triggered and capture the image of the intruder and checks that the image to the database, if that face is not matching with the database, it sends an email containing that intruder image and OTP, when intruder type the OTP by the owners’ knowledge then it allows to enter. 


Block diagram of smart IoT door bell

Block diagram description

        Calling bell switch which is interfaced to raspberry pi through GPIO pins, which triggers the camera when the switch gets pressed that camera is interfaced through USB. Using python OpenCV input image will be processed and authorize the user, for authorized person an alert mail will be sent along with OTP using SMTP. Now the user has to enter the OTP through keyboard which is interfaced in the USB port of the Raspberry pi.

Circuit diagram

circuit diagram of smart IoT door bell system

Hardware required

  • Raspberry pi
  • SD card
  • PIR sensor
  • Camera
  • DC motor with Relay Circuit
  • Push button

Software required

  • Raspbian Jessie OS
  • Python
  • Open CV
  • Apache
  • PHP


This system can also be reconfigured to detect the intruder who are not pressing the doorbell, whose face get captured and follows the same authorization process to know the intruder who tries to open the door. Which can be very useful to monitor the home remotely.


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