IoT Based Smart Parking System using Raspberry Pi

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Smart Parking system helps to create database for visitors and it has authentication as well as auto detection of fee based on parking time.


Webserver – Slot status | Database – Visitors | Authentication – Parking Time

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The parking system is in development for a long time, until now most of the shopping malls have the parking slot status display through Ultrasonic for car presence and light for indication. It is not enough for smartness, For the smart parking system, everything should be turned into autonomous like auto-detection of money, slots availability etc.


It has Raspberry Pi is used as a core, as a prototype 4 parking slots are present. For detection of vehicle IR Sensor is used and to have special identity RFID is used for every new car. The database is maintained for every visitor. Alert of detecting the money based on the stay time of the slot will be intimated through mail.

Demo Video

Existing system

In the existing system, there is no autonomous system for stay time monitoring or money detection.

Proposed System

In this proposed system, parking time will be noted for an individual person through a local database and money will be detected from a local account.

Connection Description

The 4 IR sensor is interfaced with Raspberry Pi to know the status of the Slot.  RF reader is connected to the Tx, Rx pin of the Raspberry Pi.

Project Description

It first detects the vehicle parked in slots and shows the status of each slot through the webserver. Visitors can know the status of the parking slot through the webpage, after that they have to show their RF ID to the reader to get authenticated and note down the time of that specific vehicle. If the new visitor is detected through a new RF reader, then it prompts to ask the username, password and Mail ID with their RF-ID and store those details to the Raspberry Pi. Then while leaving, by showing the RF ID to the reader it notes down the out time and calculates the total time with the money for that time. Then it will be detected from the account balance, intimation will be sent to their respective mail.

Hardware Required                 

  • Raspberry Pi
  • IR sensor – 4
  • RF Reader
  • RF Cards
  • SD Card

Software Required

  • Raspbian OS with libraries installed
  • SD Card Formatter
  • Etcher/Win32 Disk imager


From this experiment, the Parking system becomes more advanced than before which has the database, Mail notifications, Fees estimation, Auto-detection etc.

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