You are currently viewing Top 100+ Robotics Projects  for Engineering students and Hobbyist

Top 100+ Robotics Projects for Engineering students and Hobbyist

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List of Robotics projects

  1. Brain controlled Robot
  2. BCI based Desire Bot
  3. Smart Coupon Generation 
  4. Rescue Bot
  5. Stair Climbing Robot
  6. Underwater dockey
  7. Drainage management conveyor
  8. Waste management conveyor
  9. Sun tracking solar panel without controller
  10. Library book management Robot
  11. Waste segregation Rolling Robot
  12. Drawing robot
  13. Dancing Robot
  14. Fire fighting Robot 
  15. Agriculture Bot
  16. 5 DOF(Degree of Freedom) Robot
  17. Smart Amazon shopping tray
  18. Human following Robot using Kinect sensor
  19. Useless Robot
  20. Robotic Palm 
  21. Robotic Eye
  22. Drone
  23. Piezo electric based Foot power generation
  24. Metal segregation from the waste
  25. Snake bot
  26. Steam power generation
  27. Smart umbrella with solar cell
  28. Wall sucking mechanical system
  29. Smart Irrigation system
  30. Pipe adaptive robot
  31. Water filling Conveyor
  32. Real time transmission line monitoring Bot
  33. Metal & plastic segregation mechanical setup
  34. Halwa  making robot
  35. Physiotherapy robot
  36. Amphibious Robot
  37.  Line follower Robot without controller
  38. Milk Feeding robot
  39. Mini conveyor
  40. Link conveyor
  41. Solar panel cleaning system using Raspberry Pi
  42. Brain controlled robotic Arm
  43. Color following Robot
  44. Solar panel cleaning system using Arduino
  45. Line Follower robot
  46. Gesture controlled Robot
  47. Gesture controlled Robotic car
  48. Android controlled Robotic car
  49. FPGA based Robotic Arm
  50. Android controlled Robotic Arm
  51. Obstacle avoidance Robot

BCI based Desire Bot

Click here for Video Demo

This is Desire robot which is multi-functional, it can be controlled by mobile as well as Brain. For Android controlled, it does not require Matlab. However, for brain-controlled application it needs matlab requirement for signal processing of real time brain values. This model also contains arm setup to pic or place object present in the path.

Brain Controlled Robot

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Brain Controlled Robot -With this product you could start and stop the robot using your eeg signal of the brain.It uses brainsense sensor to measure the attention from the eeg signals of your brain.

Line follower Robot

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Line follower is an autonomous robot which follows either black line in white are or white line in black area. Robot must be able to detect particular line and keep following it.

Gesture Controlled Robot

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This article provides information to built Gesture Controlled Robot based on Micrcohip MGC3130 Efield Technology.

Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm

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This article provides information to built Gesture Controlled Robot Robotic arm based on Micrcohip MGC3130 Efield Technology.

Material used

Android controlled arduino robot car

Click here for Video Demo

Android controlled arduino robot car  make use of an Android mobile phone for robotic control with the help of HC-05 Bluetooth technology. This is a simple robotics projects using arduino microcontroller. This project is a bluetooth controlled robot. For this the android mobile user has to install an application on her/his mobile. This android application could be downloaded in the android market.

             Then user needs to turn on the bluetooth in the mobile. The wireless communication techniques used to control the robot is bluetooth technology. User can use various commands like move forward, reverse, stop move left, move right. These commands are sent from the Android mobile to the bluetooth receiver which is interfaced with the Arduino robot.

FPGA Based Robotic ARM 

Click here for Video Demo

A robotic arm is a type normally programmable mechanical arm, which can be used to pick and place various objects in the industries from one place to another place. It may be the sum total of the mechanism or may be part of a more complex robot. The parts of these manipulators or arms are interconnected through articulated joints that allow both a rotational movement. The FPGA based project is implemented using Spartan3an Project Kit and Robotic ARM kit.

Android Controlled Robotic ARM

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This project controls robotic arm using android app and arduino

Obstacle Avoidance Robot

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An Obstacle Avoidance Robot is an intelligent robot, which can automatically sense and overcome obstacles on its path. It contains of a Microcontroller to process the data, and Ultrasonic sensors to detect the obstacles on its path.

Obstacle avoidance is one of the most important aspects of mobile robotics. Without it robot movement would be very restrictive and fragile. This tutorial explains obstacle avoidance using ultrasonics sensors. This project also presents a dynamic steering algorithm which ensures that the robot does n’t have to stop in front of an obstacle which allows robot to navigate smoothly in an unknown environment, avoiding collisions.

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