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Top 25 Brain computer interface projects 2020

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BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE is a technology of studying our brain waves and interfacing it with a machine that can do wonders with your brain’s signals. Here are 25 fascinating projects with BCI technology.

  1. Brain controlled wheel chair: Move with your Brain-This project is developed for physically impaired people in their movement, all the system need is user’s concentration. It allows the user to navigate in a familiar indoor environment within a reasonable time with the help of wheelchair.
  2. Brain controlled Robotic ARM: Control Your Robotic ARM using Brainwave sensor-Brainwave sensor can capture your brain signals for eye blink, concentration, meditation etc., and can be used in various applications. Brain controlled robotic ARM is one of those application. Robotic Arm is moved with EEG sensor based on a parameter collected by it.                           
  3. Brain Keyboard: Type with Eye blink-Many paralyzed people tries to communicate with the surroundings but cannot. But, they can actually do it with this Brain keyboard and communicate with their surroundings.EEG sensor reads the eye blink and accordingly text gets displayed on the text box 
  1. Drowsy driver detection using Brainwave: Driver’s Drowsiness can cause accidents, It is better if someone guide us. To prevent these accidents BCI is used to detect the changes in the Brainwaves. Using this we can create a setup that controls your vehicle when drowsiness is detected.
  2. Emotion Recognition using brainwave: Emotion is purely carried by brainwaves, EEG sensor devices can detect the human emotions through Brainwaves, process the data collected and classifies emotions felt by respondents and reactions.
  3. Brain controlled helicopter: Fly your copter with your brainwaves-this robot helicopter can fly according to your concentration, Meditation level when you concentrate it flies up, when you relax it will be back, isn’t it interesting.
  4. Password authentication using Brainwaves: Security with Brain- As brainwave pattern of every individual is unique we use EEG in biometric identification. This can be used from high security areas to our Home.
  5. Epilepsy detection using Brainwaves: : Epilepsy is a central system disorder of human brain which cause periods of unusual behavior, sensations and sometimes loss of consciousness. EEG that reads Brainwaves can detect disorders and helps in curing it
  6. Brainwaves for neuromarketing: Leave Taking risk in your business-Neuromarketing is a technology that checks out the emotion in buyer’s decision of a product. The EEG sensors and magnetic resonance imaging checks several parameters in consumers brain that helps the marketers to choose the correct product and Ad message to Boost Sales
  7. Mental effort detection using Brainwaves:
  8. Eyeblink detection using Brainwaves: Using our brainwaves wonders can be done. Brainwave headset can detect your Ocular-Eye blink. Considering this parameter we can process and develop many amazing projects and can make our daily lives happier.
  9. Brain controlled Home automation: It will be great if we have some device that will operate itself with just our brainwaves. Yes, we can.. EEG Sensor detects the brainwaves and a unit processes those raw signals to operate appliances.
  10. Brain controlled automatic Braking system: Here is the cool technology where your EEG Headset/headband can track your brainwave activity and transmits its metrics to accelerating, braking and steering systems. So, Your Vehicle responds before you take physical action. It is Brain to Vehicle technology (B2V) that is now trending in automobile Industry.
  11. Neuro-telepathy: using BCI to “connect” people’s minds- It is not a science fiction, We can really connect peoples mind without sensory perceptions. Researchers explain that using multi channel electrodes people can talk with brain.
  12. Mental Task Classification using Time-Delay Embedding and Sequential Evidence Accumulation:
  13. BCI Player-Multimedia Player using BCI: Unlike Normal people, People in locked-in-state can operate media player with imagined movement. So, Brain computer Interface technology can not only help people to overcome their problems but also encourage them mentally to be entertained.
  14. Meditation Stoplight: BCI can make your meditation spotlight-EEG headset reads your meditation level and spotlight is created accordingly.. Isn’t it fascinating? Now try making your own Meditation Spotlight with EEG headset.
  15. Brain Gym:
  16. Train your Brain with neurofeedback: Neurofeedback training helps to learn to self-control the brain response with conscious feedback. Is it not amazing when you can overcome many disorders like depression, hyperactivity Etc., just by your brain’s feedback.
  17. OpenLD-Lucid Dreaming: Doors open to enter your Dream World- This project establishes a communication link between dream world and Real world in order to solve many issues with lucid dreaming and Brain computer interface technology. If you are interested in BCI and sleep research you must check it.
  18. Robot Car Race using EEG: : An incredible BCI technology where People can play with their Brain waves. We can control our car movement with different parameters like eye blink, attention level etc.,
  19. Learning-enhancer: Optimizing studying habits with BCI. An EEG based software, which learns the user’s learning behavior. After a few learning sessions, the software will be able to: 1. Tell the user at what times she is at her peak performance, for better learning session planning, and 2. Tell the user at real time when she should stop learning and rest for a few minutes, to work better afterwards.
  20. Stay-awake app: Are you falling asleep when you should actually be awake ??? (i.e. while driving, in a boring conference meeting, while studying…). This application will monitor your brainwaves, and when it detects that you’re falling asleep- will provide real time feedback via earphones or loudspeaker
  21. Harmonic Brain: Analyzing the brain’s response to different types of music: map your brain response to different kinds of music and learn which music is the most soothing and which is the most invigorating.
  22. BMoment: Capture exciting moments in the user’s day (detected through EEG patterns from visual stimuli) using wearable glasses.



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