Wi-fi Controlled Home Automation using NodeMCU

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Wi-fi Controlled Home Automation using NodeMCU

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Wi-fi is controlled by using a Blynk android application instead button method. Here only needs to touch the button in Blynk android application to control the electrical equipments in on and off conditions. So here Blynk android application is used as a transmitting device and indult wi-fi module placed in the electrical equipments is used as a receiver. Blynk android application will transmit command using wi-fi to the electrical equipments so that it electrical equipments depend up on the required condition


Home automation evolution starts with some basic ideas. It minimizes the human efforts and it can be deployed in a lot of fields like military, surveillance application is developed in the modern world. Now a day’s Home automation is developed by using Wireless technology. Wireless technology in Home automation starts with Bluetooth, WI-FI, and Zigbee Communication. Based on the Requirement and Application they deployed the communication in Projects. And we have numerous android Applications in Play store to control a Home automation. Blynk is a Popular App used in this Project it has a lot of Features like buttons, gauges, Sliders and Plotting Features also. By using Wi-Fi technology we can connect a greater number of Home automation to control it very useful for surveillance application. Now a day’s Indoor localization Technologies are developed on that case also we can deploy this type of Wi-Fi-controlled Home automation.


Now a day the advancement in technology various new designed smart makes use of Wi-Fi Home automation for various applications. Mostly wi-fi network was using home security purpose. The various applications are done by Home automation like doing different works on the command ex- switching on the lights when the Home automation is given the command by the Wi-Fi enabled device.


The Home automation was controlled by the wi-fi network in Blynk android application. The wi-fi Home automation can be easily to make on and off by using the command in Blynk application. We can make the Home automation do the various task using wi-fi network technologies.




  • The Home automation is operating with Nodemcu esp32 controller and the command is given by the Blynk android application in a mobile phone using the wi-fi network.
  • The Nodemcu esp32 as inbuilt wi-fi module and the devices connected with Home automation.
  • Both wi-fi is connected with an authentication token.
  • Blynk android application will transmit command using wi-fi to the electrical equipments so that it electrical equipments depend up on the required condition




  • Nodemcu esp32 controller
  • Relay circuit
  • Cooling fan
  • Lamp
  • Pump motor 


  • Arduino IDE
  • Blynk android application


  • The operating system of the smart mobile phone in android we develop remote control program. The program connected with wi-fi to communicate with the robot. Wireless control is the most important basic needs for all the people. Wireless network controlled robots use wi-fi modules.
  • Blynk android application will transmit command using wi-fi to the car so that it can move in the required direction like moving forward, reverse, turning left, turning right and stop.

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