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Tobii EyeX Dev Kit-Eye Tracking Hardware

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Tobii’s leading eye tracking hardware is complemented by a unique engine that takes care of the user interface. Tobii EyeX Engine provides a completely new way of interacting, while still making use of existing controls. The core interactions – click, scroll and zoom – tap into deeply rooted behavior, making the experience easy and natural despite the radical departure from tradition. Develop applications that offer effortless efficiency or far more immersive gaming experiences using the Tobii EyeX Engine and SDK.

Radical yet familiar interactions

Tobii EyeX interactions combine eye tracking with input from traditional controls. Use your eyes to navigate and select. Then execute with a key, touchpad or voice command. This combination is highly efficient and amazingly natural. It works easily in almost any application – from high-intensity productivity applications to games and multimedia.



  • Tobii EyeX Controller – the eye tracker hardware
  • Eye tracking interaction samples, inspiration, and design guides
  • Tobii EyeX runtime environment including Tobii EyeX Engine, APIs, documentation

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