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Overview of UART Camera and SPI TFT interface on TMS320C6745 DSP kit

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The C6745/6747 is a Low-power digital signal processor based on C674x DSP core. It consumes significantly lower power than other members of the TMS320C6000 Platform of  DSP’s. TMS320C6745 DSP kit has a 512Mb SDRAM Memory with few more serial interface protocols like SPI, RS232 (UART) and I2C. By using these serial peripheral interface we can interface more devices. This blog article is going to give an idea about how to use those  serial interfaces for real time processing.

The C67xx Evaluation Board is highly integrated, high-performance solution for demanding control applications and is the first 32-bit 150 MIPS DSP.


UART Camera:-

The UART module is a highly integrated serial camera board. It provides a serial interface (RS-232) and JPEG compression engine to act as a low cost and low powered camera module for high-resolution serial bus security system.The module transferring JPEG still pictures/RAW pixel values at 115.2Kbps. On-board EEPROM provides a command-based interface to external host via RS-232. It has built-in JPEG CODEC for different resolutions, down sampling, clamping and windowing circuits for VGA, QVGA, 160×120 or 80×60 image resolutions.

SPI TFT Display:-

KWH032GM02-F05 is a Transmissive type color acti ve matrix liquid crystal display (LCD), which uses amorphous thin film transistor (TFT) as switching devices. The  SPFD5408A,  a  262144-color  System-on-Chip  (SoC)  driver LSI designed for small  and  medium sizes  of TFT LCD  display, is capable of supporting up to 240xRGBx320 in resolution which can be  achieved  by  the  designated  RAM  for  graphic  data. SPFD5408A  provides  system  interfaces,  which  include 8-/9-/16-/18-bit  parallel  interfaces  and  serial  interface  (SPI),  to configure  system.