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Multiface recognition

   In this project real-time multiple faces recognition and tracking system is proposed for robot ,that can detect human faces and confirm a target in an image sequence captured from a camera, and keep tracking the target that has been identified as a master or stranger.this system can also be used for attendance marking.A face image can be represented by a point in a feature space such as spanned by a number of eigenfaces. In methods based on nearest neighbor classification, the representational capacity of a face database depends on how prototypical face images are chosen to account for possible image variations and also how many prototypical images or their feature points are available. We propose a novel method for generalizing the representational capacity of available face database. Any two feature points of the same class (individual) are generalized by the feature line passing through the points. The feature line covers more of the face space than the feature points and thus expands the capacity of the available database. In the feature line representation, the classification is based on the distance between the feature point of the query image and each of the feature lines of the prototypical images.

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