Video Stabilization using Point Feature mapping


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Video Stabilization using Point Feature mapping

                      In this project is to reduce blurring associated with the motion of a camera during exposure. Such as image distortion, image blurring etc.This technique shifts the electronic image from frame to frame of video, enough to counteract the motion. It uses pixels outside the border of the visible frame to provide a buffer for the motion. This study proposed an algorithm to stabilize jittery videos directly without the need to estimate camera motion. A stable output video will be attained without the effect of jittery that caused by shaking the handheld camera during video recording. Firstly, salient points from each frame from the input video is identified and processed followed by optimizing and stabilize the video. Optimization includes the quality of the video stabilization and less unallied area after the process of stabilization. The output of using such method showed good result in terms of stabilization and discarded distortion from the output videos recorded in different circumstances. Initial results showed that the proposed technique is suitable to be used and provide great deal of stabilization.

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