Motion Detection using OpenCV – Python

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Motion Sensing Based Intelligent Management System For Surveillance

Platform : Python

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A motion sensing based surveillance is been discussed in this project. Motion sensing is a process of change in position of the object related to its surrounding or vice versa. The Raspberry Pi camera module can be used to take image stills. Camera attaches to the CSI port on the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized single computer or SoC uses ARM1176JZF-S core. SoC, or System on a Chip, is a method of placing all necessary electronics for running a computer on a single chip. It needs an Operating system to start up. SD/MMC card will acts as a bootable hard disk.

In Raspberry Pi application program, instruction will be given to the Camera to track the object within the coverable region. If any object is changed from its position in the section then automatically interrupt handling technique in the Raspberry Pi processor will trigger the image acquisition unit in the camera and it will convert the image in to digital packets .The monitoring section receives the image and display it on a virtual window. The basic view of this technique is to reduce the theft in the household or any restricted places using wireless image transmission techniques.


  • No image transmission
  • Wired communication
  • High power consumption
  • No accuracy


  • In our proposed system Motion sensing based surveillance is   placedalong with Raspberry pi and pi camera.


  • Low power consumption
  • Raspberry Pi supports quality image




In this block diagram the whole system is controlled by Arm11  processor  and  this  processor  is  implemented  on Raspberry  Pi  Board. So this board is connected with monitor, camera, and SD card. Those all components are connected by USB adaptors. The Raspberry Pi camera module can be used to take image stills. Camera attaches to the CSI port on the Raspberry Pi. Then it will extract the motion of that particular image through Raspberry pi and OpenCV. Then it will intimate to the authorised person by some alert messages.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Mini Camera
  • SD card
  • Monitor
  • USB adapters


  • WheezyRaspbian
  • Open cv
  • Language – python


  • Industrial applications
  • Anti crime systems


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