Ethernet Enabled Digital I/O Control In Embedded Systems

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Ethernet Enabled Digital I/O Control In Embedded Systems

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Synopsis :

            Computer communication systems and especially the Internet are playing an important role in the daily life. Using this knowledge many applications are imaginable. Home automation, utility meters, appliances, security systems, card readers, and building controls, which can be easily, controlled using either special front-end software or a standard internet browser client from anywhere around the world. Web access functionality is embedded in a device to enable low cost widely accessible and enhanced user interface functions for the device. A web server in the device provides access to the user interface functions for the device through a device web page. A web server can be embedded into any appliance and connected to the Internet so the appliance can be monitored and controlled from remote places through the browser in a desktop. The aim of the project is to control the devices or equipment’s from the remote place through a web page. Here all the devices, which are to be controlled, are connected to the relays (acts as switches) on the web server circuit board. The web-server circuit is connected to LAN or Internet. The client or a person on the PC is also connected to same LAN or Internet. By typing the IP-address of LAN on the web browser, the user gets a web page on screen; this page contains all the information about the status of the devices. The user can also control the devices interfaced to the web server by pressing a button provided in the web page.

Existing System :

  • Consume more power
  • PC act as server
  • It requires computer
  • High cost
  • It occupies bulk space 

Proposed System :

  • Easiest way of monitoring and control
  • Embedded unit act as server
  • Low cost
  • Less power consumption
  • It occupies less space
  • Controlling devices handled remote places itself

 Advantages :

  • High efficeint
  • Secured one

Block Diagram :


     Ethernet Enabled Digital I/O Control In Embedded Systems

                                    Data’s are entered by Switch which is applied to microcontroller, Temp sensor input also given to controller which is also monitored from remote places, Status of the each device in the industry monitored through web server in client place, Each actions of the devices stored in the Memory through Ethernet controller, If client, wants to change action of device then he/she entered data through web page, This data get by receiver and then corresponding information given to device via relay


Hardware Tools:

  •   ARM processor
  •   Relay unit
  •   Sensor module

Software Tools:

  •   KEIL Compiler.
  •   Philips Programmer.
  •   ORCAD.
  •   Languages: EMBEDDED C.


  • Remote Security Application
  • Home based automation
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition

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