Measuring And Replicating Human Arm Impedance In Tele Operated Robots

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Measuring And Replicating Human Arm Impedance In Tele Operated Robots

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Synopsis :

                Inspired by the superior interaction performance of the human arm achieved through the regulation of its endpoint impedance, this paper proposes the use of Tele-Impedance control as an alternative method to unilateral position based control or bilateral force reflecting control during teleoperated tasks. The novelty of the proposed Tele- Impedance control method is that it provides the slave robot with additional information compared to pure position data traditionally sent to the slave robot during teleportation. This enriched command profile considers not only the reference position data but also the impedance command profile required by the particular task. This combined command reference (position and impedance) is finally executed from the slave teleoperated robotic arm by means of accurate local controllers. In the Tele-Impedance control scenario presented in this work, the human operator moves his arm in space to guide the remotely located robot to perform a pre-defined task (Peg in Hole in this work). The slave robot performs the task by tracking both the reference position profile (which corresponds to the end-point position of the arm of the human operator as measured from an optical position tracking system) and the end-point stiffness profile (estimated from the muscular activity of the operator’s arm) in real-time.

Existing System :

  •   No  remote control operation
  •   Depend on others to operate
  •   No muscle contraction sensing

Proposed System :

  • Microcontroller platform based
  • Can be used in more environment
  • Arm  control using Human muscles
  • Self controlled and operating facility

Block Diagram :

                Measuring And Replicating Human Arm Impedance In Tele Operated Robots

                              The system controls application through EMG n ARM  controller

Hardware :

  •   Lpc2148
  •   LCD
  •   DC MOTOR

Software :

  •   Languages: Embedded c

Application :

  •   Automotive  Applications
  •   Industrial Application
  •   Home applications
  •   Monitoring device applications
  •   Remote control applications

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