Matlab code for DCT & DWT based Image Compression


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                 One of the major challenges in enabling mobile multimedia data services will be the need to process and wirelessly transmit a very large volume of data. While significant improvements in achievable bandwidth are expected with future wireless access technologies, improvements in battery technology will lag the rapidly growing energy requirements of future wireless data services. One approach to mitigate to this problem is to reduce the volume of multimedia data transmitted over the wireless channel via data compression techniques.

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                  This has motivated active research on multimedia data compression techniques such as JPEG [1,2], JPEG 2000 [3,4] and MPEG [5]. These approaches concentrate on achieving higher compression ratio without sacrificing the quality of the image. However these efforts ignore the energy consumption during compression and RF transmission.

                   Since images will constitute a large part of future wireless data, we focus on developing energy efficient and adaptive image compression and communication techniques. Based on wavelet image compression, energy efficient multiwavelet image transform is a technique developed to eliminate computation of certain high-pass coefficients of an image.

Matlab Code for DCT & DWT Based Image Compression

matlab code for dct and dwt based image compression


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