You are currently viewing Lesson 1: Learn FPGA using Spartan3AN FPGA Project kit.

Lesson 1: Learn FPGA using Spartan3AN FPGA Project kit.

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This tutorial series help you to explore more on learning about FPGA Programming with Spartan3AN FPGA Project kit

Let’s introduce FPGA

FPGA Stands for Field Programmable Gate Array consist of array of logic gates which stores digital logic specified from Hardware Description Language. As the name suggest, it is a field Programmable without need for change of new hardware.

FPGA is mostly used to prototype any Digital logic circuit before fabricating them as ASIC.

FPGA is made of SRAM cells, so we need to configure them at the time of power ON. For that purpose we can use FLASH memory with different types of interfacing.

FPGA consist of CLB (Configurable Logic Blocks), BRAM, DCM (Digital Clock Manager), Multiplier, Processor (optional) and various Hard IP cores.

FPGA IC’s are mostly manufactured by Xilinx, Altera, Lattice and Microsemi.

Now Get introduced to Spartan3AN FPGA Project kit

The Spartan3AN FPGA Project kit provides as a powerful, self-contained development platform for designs targeting the new Spartan-3AN FPGA from Xilinx. It features a 50K logic gate, on-board USB Programmer, More I/O pins at the 2 sides of Stick board and 1Mb Internal flash memory, making it the perfect platform to experiment with any new design.

Also it is crafted to use with breadboard for ease of interfacing.

fpga spartan3an stick board

On- Board Features includes:

  • 8 Nos. of LED’S
  • 8-Nos. of DIP switches (Digital Inputs)
  • 2-Nos. of Push Button (Digital Inputs)
  • Reset switch
  • USB-UART Port
  • 2-Channel UART
  • 48- Pin I/O Connector 2 sides



Follow these basic Steps to program FPGA

Follow the steps provided in the link for creating new project with Xilinx ISE and follow steps up Generating Program file.

After Generating Program file Open Pantech FPGA programmer tool to download the code on FPGA kit through the MINI USB cable .

low cost fpga programmer

Browse Bit file from Project directory.

Click Program to download in to FPGA.

Next Chapter we will learn new logic circuit design with Spartan3AN FPGA Project kit.

For more details on Spartan3AN FPGA Project kit.