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How an internship ended my struggle to restart my career

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Pretty  much   everyone  travels  with  tablets  and  smart phones   these  days ,But  there’s  still  something  special  about  writing  down  your  memories  .  But  in this vacation  I  wanted  to  spend  my  holidays  in  a  meaningful  way.  I was  in  my  third  year  of  my  college  . I had  sometime  on  my   hands  and  hadn’t  done  any  internships   till  then  . I  always  like  having new  experiences  so  decided  to  look  for  one  . I  googled   internships  for further  information  and  stumbled  upon  “pantech  solutions”  I  registerd  myself  on  the platform .  The  reason  behind  choosing   pantech  was  few  of  my  friends  suggested   me  to go  with  pantech  because  they  have  already  done  it  for  some  project  work.

On a fine day I prepared everything for myself and reached to Hyderabad . As soon as I landed in Hyderabad picked up a cab and rushed to the hostel which I was supposed to live for a stipulated amount of time .As I new to the city everything was new and new people around me i know it takes sometime to make them friends. And i decided to take rest for this day because I’m so tired . The next day I went to pantech solution which was located in Ameerpet .The receptionist enquired me that for what purpose I went there as soon as i replied to his queries , he gave me an application form to fill my details and they given me the dates to attend the classes . I was doing an internship based on IOT Raspberry pi and a project included . And the classes were delayed by 2 days . I was dying to be able to say “I will be late for office ! gotta go!” finally it was first day and I was experiencing a whole range of emotions by the time I reached the office with mixed feelings of nervousness , excitement and fear I started my day with the basics of IOT and Raspberry pi. When we were ready to take off I don’t even know what is Raspberry pi and IOT. I was feeling very obsessed and scary because it was a new place and surrounded by strangers and my guide pavan sir who guide me for my project is a kind hearted person. he’s Insane . The work culture was simply amazing and there is no work pressure and everyone were eager to help one another . The next day started with the introduction to python . As the time moves on i adopted to the office environment and making new friends and try to mingle with them ,I think it was a good time to make new friends . As soon as we started working with hardware I felt it very interesting . There is a lot of difference for listening the classes and implementing that . I really enjoyed the hands on practice and the journey toward the project was in a way that where there is joy of learning . our project Is about “smart lock” the main door of our house or office is consisting an automatic locking system through which an authorized person can open the from any where in the world by simply tapping on an open button. The camera fixed to the door automatically captures the image of the unauthenticated person who is standing infront of the door and sends the image of that person to the authenticated persons mobile or mail. If he/she is an authenticate the door automatically opens . If not the person should wait until the door opens . It took about three days to develop the code and implemented it on hardware to test the efficiency of the code , and finally we were done with our project successfully . cheerfulness loaded on everyone’s face for our huge success. The staff here were very supportive and friendly , they have given their best to help us in this project. Overall I’m happy for having done this internship. Not only did I enjoyed my work but also got the explosure that our education system doesn’t usually provide. For me this internship wasn’t mere online visibility or certification but for my development , both as a professional software developer and a work enthusiast , of course it’s hard to juggle college and the internship. There were times when I would rather slept off than look at another piece of information ; however I choose to continue as I knew I had a professional commitment to honour. These internships are useful ways that help you decide your career . For anyone who is wandering whether to pursue or not ,just go ahead and do it , pick one , try it out, and give your best where you are at . If you don’t like to do , then it’s good too.

The final day of my internship was incredibly emotional for me ; I wasn’t willing to leave that environment but all good things do come to an end , and so did my internship . on my last day ,the managing director offered me a ppo. I’m extremely thankful to pantech for providing me this enriching and satisfying experience.

“ I gained a new sense of professionalism and clearer view of what it meant to be in the professional world. I would advice everyone to take the opportunity and do an internship”.

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