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Tobii Glasses 2 -Eye Tracking Research

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Eye tracking has long been used to analyze user behavior and user interface usability in a wide range of human-computer interaction (HCI) research and practices and as an actual control medium in a human–computer dialogue.



Tobii Glasses Head Unit

Weight: 45 grams
Visual field of view: 160 degrees (horizontally)
Sampling rate: 30 Hz
Proprietary technology gives robust tracking of a large proportion of population.

Tobii Glasses Recording Unit

Battery time: 120 minutes
Connection for live view: WiFi

Tobii Glasses Controller Software

Runs on any Win 8 Pro tablet or any Win 8 or 7 compute


Mobile eye tracking for research in real-world environments


Tobii Glasses 2 shows exactly what a person is looking at in real time as she or he moves freely in a shop, a restaurant or any real-world environment. The discreet, ultra-lightweight design with unobstructed side view ensures natural behavior and research validity. 

Benefits of wearable eye tracking:

  • Reveal what catches attention and interest.
  • Understand indiviual perception of the world and what drives decisions.
  • Capture spontaneous responses that are unfiltered by the conscious mind.
  • Observe accurate and precise visual behavior in real time.