Epilepsy Alert System using EEG,Accelerometer and Blood Pressure sensor

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Epilepsy detection system detects the Epilepsy by monitoring the patients EEG, Heart rate, Blood pressure and Fall detection to confirm the Epilepsy of the patient to send an alert for the Doctor


Monitoring Brainwaves – EEG | Heart rate | Blood pressure | Fall detection | Alert system

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Detection of Epilepsy is a very time consuming process, and requires constant clinical attention. So to avoid this we have designed an epilepsy alert system which takes the raw EEG signal, monitors the blood pressure and the accelerometer app to detect human fall detection. The design is done using MATLAB GUI

This epilepsy alarming system, has three components

  • Wearable eeg device( with battery and bluetooth) – to detect seizures  by detecting sharp changes in eeg
  •  Wearable bp and pulse apparatus ( with battery and bluetooth)- to detect sudden  changes in bp and pulse.
  • A common smart mobile with accelerometer  with GPS- to detect sudden fall of mobile and person holding it.
  • Application to receive alerts from all three devices and generate alert in the form of sms or sound .
  • An SMS with location of the patient has to be sent to the care tracker.

Block diagram

Epilepsy detection Block diagram

Graphical User Interface of Matlab

Epilepsy detection GUI

Project Description

In this project, Band device which has features of measuring Heartrate & Blood pressure is stripped in the wrist and Brainsense EEG Meauring device is wore in the head of the patient. Those sensors takes Patient parameter such as Heartrate, Blood Pressure & EEG from the patient and performs analyze for detecting the Epilepsy symptoms, and if it confirms the epilepsy presence, system check the patient fall detection by using accelerometer sensor of the patient mobile. If everything confirmed that patient caught epilepy by the body parameter abnormality confirmation as well as fall detection then the alert sms will be sent to the pre configured doctor number with their conditions, that they need help to take immediate action.

Parameter Analysis

Epilepsy detection Parmater analysis

Fuzzy Rule Designer

 In this project, complex system behaviors are modelled using simple logic rules using fuzzy designer, and then implement these rules in a fuzzy inference system. 

Epilepsy detection Fuzzy designer

Epilepsy detection Fuzzy

Hardware required

  • Brainsense  or Neurosky Mindwave mobile 
  • Blood Pressure Sensor
  • Arduino
  • Android Smart phone

Software required

  • Matlab 2018


By using this device, Monitoring of Epilepsy patient will be done accross 24/7. Any abnormalities will send the alert messages to the Doctor. Epilepsy is confirmed by the  4 main parameter such as EEG (Brain waves), Heart rate, Blood pressure and Fall detection to have better accuracy.

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