Real time QR Code recognition for Arduino robot navigation


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Real time QR Code recognition for Arduino robot navigation

                      In this project,QR codes is the detailed information about that particular product.It  addresses the challenge of mobile robot navigation in indoor environments. There is a critical need for cost-effective, reliable, and fairly accurate solutions to meet the demands of indoor robotic applications. Currently, researchers are exploring various approaches for this problem. The one we are presenting in this paper is based on QR (Quick Response) codes to provide location references for mobile robots. The mobile robot is equipped with a Smartphone that is programmed to detect and read information on QR codes that are strategically placed in the operating environment of the robot. The mobile robot can perform the autonomous run throughout the guide route by using real-time QR code recognition. The lab information on QR code is played to the visitors using Text-to-Speech provided through Android device. Ultrasonic range sensors which can detect objects and measure distances with high accuracy are used to implement the wall-following and obstacle-avoidance behaviors. The collected sonar range information by ultrasonic range sensors is processed by a microcontroller that autonomously controls a tour guide robot. An algorithm based on a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control is applied to the tour guide robot to perform more accurate robot motion control. A Bluetooth technology is used to send stored information on QR codes from the Smartphone to the tour guide robot wirelessly

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