Energy Distribution Management with Photo Voltaic system

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Energy Distribution Management with Photo Voltaic system

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Abstract :

                     These days, even though there are many new IT services, these cause another types of problems. There are increases in the diversity of services and service quality, but there is also much higher energy consumption. Furthermore, recent environment friendly technologies have some problems with efficiency, and it is still premature to achieve any greatly positive effect. At this point in time, renewable energy coincides with sustainable growth. There are many studies and commercial products involving photovoltaic and wind power, and these have significant roles in propagating environment-friendly technologies. In case of electric cars, meaningful, decreases in energy consumption cannot be achieved since fossil fuel is simply converted into electricity. Meaningful change means that each car no longer consumes fossil fuel and every thermoelectric power plant has to make more electricity to afford cars’ energy needs. Moreover, a huge infrastructure of electricity stations on every street is needed, and it is difficult to catch up with the fuel efficiency of fossil cars immediately. Due to these technical troubles, the importance of renewable energy is getting bigger. In addition, the power market would become more important, and it is expected that the influence of renewable energy as sustainable growth will be much larger with the Smart Grid. However, it is not easy to be connected to commercial electricity in these kind of generating systems, because each type of renewable energy such as solar and wind power, is slightly different and needs to be managed. Furthermore, renewable energy can provide almost indefinite power but it is hardly expected to be stable

Existing System :

  • Manual control
  • To expensive

Proposed System :

  • WIFI control
  • Microcontroller platform based
  • Less prize
  • Reliable 

Block Diagram :

              Energy Distribution Management with Photo Voltaic system  1

Central Receiver & Remote Communication Unit :



Block Diagram Explaination :

The System Controls Application Through LAN.

Hardware :

  • LPC2148
  • TEMP

Software :

  • KEIL
  • Languages: Embedded c

Application :

  • Industrial applications

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