Design of VGA Using FPGA

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Design of VGA Using FPGA

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This project presents the design and implementation of VGA Controller. As a standard display interface, VGA (Video Graphics Array) has been widely used. Detailed information of this paper is focused on the system architecture, hardware design and software programming. This controller is developed using Verilog HDL based in the IEEE standards, to ensure the portability with any user. The system can display any image. The results show that this proposed algorithm gives good performance with short processing time, small power consumption and memory usage.


It is used as a connector in electronic devices like laptops, televisions, monitors, video cards, and other electronic devices. It is used to connect and send signals between computers and monitors, between computers and televisions, and between computers and laptops.


It’s an analog signal so, with gear and cabling in good condition, the signal will work.

There is one VGA standard

VGA signals can be easily split with simple Distibution amplifiers. …

Thumb-screws make for a secure connection with no fear of a VGA cable slipping out on accident.


Software used

Xilinx ISE 14.7





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