Smart Weighing machine using ESP32

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Smart Weighing machine using ESP32

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Smart Weighing machine using ESP32

 Weighing machines are used in local stores to super markets, industries etc to weighing the products and goods. This IoT based smart weighing machine, used to weighing the goods and automatically update the values of goods in IoT cloud. So, the end user can access the data’s from anywhere in the world . It improves the accuracy of the weight of the products and fast data transmission. In this project, we are using ESP32 as a main controller, which is a low cost open source IoT platform. We are using Load cell to measure the weight of the goods, it can measure up to 1 kg. Weight of the goods will be displayed in LCD display. These data’s will be updated in Thingspeak cloud. We can access the data at anywhere anytime.

Hardware used

  • ESP32
  •  Load cell sensor
  • LCD display

  Software used

  •  Arduino IDE
  •  Embedded C

Additional information

Weight 1.000000 kg


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