EMG Monitoring System using ESP32

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EMG Monitoring System using ESP32

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EMG Monitoring System using ESP32

This project can be considered as a tool for the acquisition of muscle activity, their analysis and presentation as a live biofeedback signal that distinguish between typical and atypical gait patterns. Muscle activity is recorded and analyzed on ESP32, then sent to Thingspeak Cloud.Movement disorder therapies involving sonography and rhythmic entrainment have shown lasting improvement to gait dynamics.  Emg sensor is given as input to ESP32. By developing this tool that can be used at home the user will be able to train daily and maintain longer rehabilitation programs, thus encouraging neural reorganization. This can also help us in monitoring the progress of the patient treatment even if the physiotherapist could come and data can be directly sent to them.

Software used 

  • Arduino IDE
  • Embedded C

Hardware used

  • ESP32
  • EMG Sensor
  • Buzzer

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