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Eye ball tracking system is assistant system to the patients who are not able to the voluntary works of the daily life. To communicate to the real world eye ball tracking will be useful. Patients who can control their eyes they can communicate to the people in the real world. In this project we are proposing one algorithm to identify and track the eye ball of our eye. A real time data is captured via webcam that transfers data serially to the system of matlab.   Then a sequential image processing scheme will segment the iris of the eye and calculate center there one control signal will be generated with the help of reference axis. Then we can track the eyes with help of the signals.



Communication between humans is among the greatest tool that they used to maintain their sustenance in this world. Apart from several languages constituting words that are evolved since the beginning of mankind, a universally known non-verbal expression still holds a noticeable weight in the eyes of humans. It is a common observation that human eyes suffices the need to express thousands words that convey huge emotions and feelings. In-spite of this, there are cases when humans suffer from a disease which makes them incapable of moving any part of their body except their eyes. At that stage eye movement is very critical in order for the patient to communicate with the real-world and its surroundings.  Researchers working in the field of neuroscience utilize eye movement to read how human’s visual information processes. Clinicians in the field of psychology, psychiatry and psycholinguistics, use eye tracking systems for collecting data discretely and accurately. On-screen vision studies are conducted in the field of ophthalmology, furthering our understanding of the human eye and help developing new approaches for the diagnosis of disorders.


Previously we are using feature matching algorithm to identify the eye in the plane. But those things will not work accurately while tracking the eyes. The algorithm which we are using in the existing system is better to identify the eyeball in the system by using webcam but we cant track accurate object sometimes it will not work exactly. Here we are going with a proposed algorithm for tracking system


Particularly in the proposed system we are using viola Jones algorithm to track the eyes. The algorithm will work as well as identification and tracking the object with same features of which we had given in the database system. Mainly it will concentrate on how to extract the feature from a face in real time environment.


Matlab code for eye tracking


  • Eye ball identification of and creating boundary boxes particularly
  • Using real time application of  web camera


  • Detecting driver drowsiness
  • Object tracking applications


  • Logitech quick cam pro 9000
  • Personal computer


  • Matlab 14 And above versions


matlab code for eye tracking


This project will track eyes in real time from a web camera using viola Jones face detection algorithm. Here we are using mat lab implementation for track the eyes. The main advantage of mat lab is we can access the web camera with image acquisition tool box and face detection algorithm. The hardware requirement for this project is simple one pc(personal computer) and web camera. The pc which we are using in this project will require minimum 2GB ram and dual core processer operation of Intel.


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