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In this project we are proposing one new technique to detect and track the red color object from a real time video. So that we can use some particular algorithms and few steps to approach the results. Mostly we are using feature matching algorithm to identify the objects. First we will extract the frames from the input video size, pre processing of that image and then we are subtracting the required color from that images. After that we can easily track the object from the video by using the subtraction.


A variety of problems of current interest in computer vision require the ability to track moving objects in real time for purposes such as surveillance, video conferencing, robot navigation, etc. The fundamental challenges that drive much of the research in this field are the enormous data bandwidth implied by high resolution frames at high frame rates, and the desire for real-time interactive performance. Numerous innovative methods have been proposed. However, most of these methods utilize sophisticated models such as edges, snakes, spines, templates or computationally expensive Eigen image or condensation algorithms . Although these approaches are broad in their abilities offering reliable object recognition in addition to tracking, they are as yet unable to run on full video resolution images at high frame rates. Color has been widely used in real-time tracking systems. It offers several significant advantages over geometric cues such as computational simplicity, robustness under partial occlusion, rotation, scale and resolution changes. Although color methods proved to be efficient in a variety of vision applications, there are several problems associated with these methods of which color constancy is one of the most important.


In existing system we are developed the object recognition only for images. It means the we extracted one particular object from the one image by using sift algorithm. But the project is not related to real time operations. So we need real time advantage, for this we are going for proposed technology.


In proposed method we are going with real time application to track the required color objects. To track the red color object first we have to separate the frames from video. By the properties of the video we are subtracting the required color from the each frame. Then while simulating the video we can detect and track the object easily.


Red colour object tracking using matlab


  • We can apply to different
  • Calculation of feature while tracking


  • Object tracking  applications
  • Security system


  • MATLAB 2014 or above versions

Matlab Gui for Red Colour Object Tracking

red colour object tracking


To finalize this work we would like to point out that the tracking system as well as its separate functional components proved to be of practical interest to researchers and engineers in the fields of video conferencing, remote sensing and robot soccer. The positive feedback from these communities was the greatest reward for the time and effort spent.


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