IoT Based Solar Smart LED Street Lighting System

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IoT Based Solar Smart LED Street Lighting System

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IoT Based Solar Smart LED Street Lighting System

The main consideration in the present field technologies are automation, power consumption, and costeffectiveness. Automation is intended to reduce manpower with the help of intelligent systems. The use of renewable sources of energy is crucial because sources of energy are limited whereas energy consumption has increases. By using the renewable energy, it can facilitate the high power demand. The project aims to describe a method for modifying street light illumination by using sensors at a minimum electrical energy consumption. When presence is detected, all surrounding street lights glow at their brightest mode, else they stay in the dim mode. LED bulbs shall be implemented as they are better than conventional incandescent bulbs in every way. Coupled with Solar Smart LED Street Light System, massive energy-savings are envisioned. Also, a demonstration with a real-time prototype model involving costs and implementation procedure has been developed using internet of things (IOT) to visualize the real-time updates of street processing occur.

Hardware Used

  • Arduino Uno
  • IR sensor
  • LDR sensor
  • ESP8266 WIFI module
  • Solar panel

Software Used

  • Arduino Uno
  • Embedded C
  • Thingspeak cloud

Additional information

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