IoT based Forest Fire Detection using Node MCU


In this project, we are used the sensor to monitor the forest condition in each minute. Fire sensor, Temperature sensor, and PIR sensor the sensor value are uploaded to the Thingspeak cloud.

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In this project, we have built a fire detector using Arduino NODEMCU which is interfaced with a temperature sensor, PIR sensor, and fire sensor. The temperature sensor senses the heat, the PIR sensor detects the motions of human or animal and the fire sensor senses any fire generated due to burning or fire. Whenever fire triggered, it burns objects nearby and produces a fire sensor. A fire alarm can also be triggered due to the forest fire. Also, whenever temperature heat intensity is high then also the alarm goes on. The alarm is turned off whenever the temperature goes to normal and smoke level reduces. With the help of IoT technology, we have tried to make it smarter by connecting the whole monitoring process to the cloud server naming- “Fire Security System “. Arduino fire monitoring system serves for industrial purposes as well as for household purposes. Whenever it detects fire or smoke then it instantly alerts the user about the fire through the Wi-Fi module. For this purpose, we are using Arduino Uno which is from the Arduino family. Arduino interfacing with the Wi-Fi module is done so that the user gets to know about the prevailing condition message. It intimates the user about fire detection. This system is really useful whenever the user is not in the proximity of the control center. Whenever a fire occurs, the system automatically senses and alerts the user by sending an alert to an app installed on a user’s Android mobile or webpage accessible through the internet.

Block Diagram

block diagram of IOT Based Forest Fire Detection Using NodeMcu

Demo Video

Block Diagram Explanation

Temperature sensors and fire sensors have employed that need to be placed at certain distances so that a look can be kept on the entire forest area in order to detect the ignition alarming temperature and the level of a forest fire. These sensors will send the signal or the information to the microcontroller. This project sense changes in the environment and reacts automatically in the event of an emergency system. When the data regarding the temperature and the fire level are processed in the IC of the receiver circuit Nodemcu is programmed with different library functions of the Wi-Fi shield interfacing making it possible to create a webpage in the Cloud server.


  • Nodemcu ESP8266
  • PIR Sensor
  • LM35
  • Fire Sensor


  • Arduino IDE
  • Orcad Design

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