Human Follower Smart Trolley

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Human Follower Smart Trolley

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Human Follower Smart Trolley

Nowadays in Metro cities, People face a lot of problem in supermarkets to buy things using trolleys. Every time we need to push the trolley to the bring the trolley to the place where the object required by us is present. Imagine that there is a trolley which will follow us continuously wherever we go to the malls and grocery stores and carry the things we buy. Through this project, we are going to build an Autonomous trolley which will follow the particular human using Image Processing.

We need a Raspberry Pi 3 board for interfacing microcontroller with IR Sensors, DC Motors, and Camera. Whenever a human takes a trolley, the trolley will take picture using camera attached to it. Now through Image processing technique, the microcontroller will continuously compare the live image of the human image with the previously taken image through the camera. We will programme the microcontroller in such a way that whenever the human movement, the trolley also moves. This can be done by interfacing microcontroller with DC motors.

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