Face and speech emotion recognition using Matlab


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Face and speech emotion recognition using Matlab

                         In this project,face and speech emotion recognition from speech signal is presented.  Face recognition systems during a video sequence represent a vital technical tool in many domains. To classify the faces in negligible time, the classic ways of classification being inadequate, mathematical logic is taken into account as a good technique for determination a classification drawback. this text proposes a fuzzy approach for detection and face recognition in video sequences employing a multi-agent modeling. This technique contains many steps to classify the faces detected within the video. The multi-agent approach that’s adopted permits minimizing the quality of the process and attending to the result with negligible time. The tasks of detection and classification of face square measure completed in 2 steps. within the commencement, faces square measure detected mistreatment texture color and geometrical face. within the second step, the multi-agent system and fuzzy approach square measure employed in the popularity method to search out the degrees of membership. The results obtained mistreatment this technique demonstrates performance in terms of hardiness, within the variations illumination and speed.It can serve as a basis for further designing an application for human like interaction with machines through natural language processing and improving the efficiency of emotion. In this, formant, energy, Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC) has been used for feature extraction from the speech signal. Support Vector Machine (SVM) are used for recognition of emotional states

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