Drunk Driving Detection with Car Ignition Locking Using Raspberry Pi

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Drunk Driving Detection with Car Ignition Locking Using Raspberry Pi

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Drunk driving is the reason behind most of the deaths, so the Drunk Driving Detection with Car Ignition Locking Using Raspberry Pi aims to change that with automated, transparent, noninvasive alcohol safety check in vehicles. The system uses raspberry pi with alcohol sensors, dc motor, and LCD display circuit to achieve this purpose. System uses alcohol sensor with, raspberry pi with dc motor to demonstrate as vehicle engine. System constantly monitors the sensitivity of alcohol sensor for drunk driver detection. If driver is drunk, the processor instantly stops the system ignition by stopping the motor. If alcohol sensor is not giving high alcohol intensity signals, system lets engine run. The raspberry pi processor constantly processes the alcohol sensor data to check drunk driving and operates a lock on the vehicle engine accordingly. At the same time it is connected to a network from where the person who is driving id being monitored and if any necessity of help will be provided to him by the caretaker who will get the alert on the monitoring webpage automatically.


According to the survey most of the accident are occurred because of the dunk and drive cases, in order to put a full stop a system using raspberry pi with alcohol detection sensor and ignition which is presented with the help of the DC Motor is implemented using Network communication which will automatically stop the ignition if the alcohol is detected and also will inform to the care taker with the help of the network using a web page which can be accessed from Wide Area Network (WAN).


In the existing system, manual checking of alcohol is done where many people get escaped and accident are occurring every day. Checking each and every person is not possible manually.


In this proposed system, automatic alcohol detection system which is also connected to the server from where the status of the person will be known at the same time if the alcohol is detected automatically the ignition will be off.






  • In this project MCP3008 is used, so connect 3.3v pin from raspberry to the sensor.
  • Similarly MCP3008 and all sensor’s ground pins should be grounded
  • Now connect MQ3 Alcohol output pins to first channel of MCP3008 IC.
  • Connect power supply for Raspberry pi
  • Plug the HDMI cable in Raspberry pi from the monitor using VGA to HDMI converter cable
  • Connect USB Mouse and USB keyboard to the Raspberry pi


  • Raspberry Pi
  • MQ3 Alcohol sensor
  • MCP3008(ADC IC)
  • SD card
  • Monitor


  • Raspbian Jessie
  • HTML and PHP
  • Language – Linux
  • Python



  • Above figure shows the output of the alcohol sensor and also the status of the Ignition of the vehicle.
  • In this system, if alcohol is not detected than the vehicle ignition will be ON as show in the above figure


  • Above figure shows the output Alcohol sensor if the alcohol is detected it will give a alert and automatically the ignition will be off as shown in the above figure.


  • In the above figure the monitoring of the driver using a webpage is being shown, from where the care taker can take care of the person.


This system is next step to the safety measures of the people from which automation and IOT is being added to make it more accurate and reliable. Alcohol detection system is very much necessaryand is needed as prevention is better than cure.


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