Car Reverse Guide Using Lin Protocol

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Car Reverse Guide Using Lin Protocol

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Abstract :

                 Compared to conventional visual- and auditory-based assisted driving technologies, haptic modality promises to be more effective and less disturbing assistance to the driver. However, in most previous studies, haptic assistance systems were evaluated from safety and stability viewpoints. Moreover, the effect of haptic assistance on human driving behavior has not been sufficiently discussed. In this paper, we introduce an assisted driving method based on haptic assistance for driver training in reverse parking, which is considered as an uncertain factor in conventional assisted driving systems. This Project is to design and implement an Ultrasonic Vehicular Parking Aid Display, which notifies the driver about obstacles coming in the way of parking. In light of the emerging traffic situation where parking space is at a premium such a device can be very useful and also facilitate parallel parking easily. The implementation of the idea with the ultrasonic sensor interfaced with Arduino and the technical details of this project follows later.

                 Here you will get idea about the programming of the Controller to interface with LIN Controller to act as a transceiver. Here two Controller are used, one is for sensing the distance using Ultrasonic sensor and another one is to display the values received through the LIN BUS.

Existing System :

  • Manually operation
  • No indication

Proposed System :

  • LIN  control
  • Microcontroller platform based
  • Can be used in more environment

Block Diagram :

                                        Car Reverse Guide Using Lin Protocol

                       The system controls application through LIN PROTOCOL. The LIN master controller can send complete message frames without interrupting the CPU. Generation of a new message frame is always initiated by a transmission-request command. This LIN master command forces the LIN master to send the LIN header field including synch break, synch field and a user-specified ID field. According to the LIN specification all fields are sent with LSB first. A PIR-based motion detector is used to sense movement of people, animals, or other objects. They are commonly used in burglar alarms and automatically-activated lighting systems. They are commonly called simply “PIR,” or sometimes “PID,” for ‘passive infrared detector’

Hardware :

  •   LPC2148
  •   LCD 16×2
  •   Ultrasonic Sensor
  •   PIR Sensor
  •   Temperature Sensor
  •   Mems Sensor

Software :

  •   KEIL
  •   Languages: Embedded c

Application :

  • Electrical applications
  • Vehicle to vehicle communication

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