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Best Embedded Project Ideas for Engineering Students

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This blog post only Contains of Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Smarty Ring

The NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile phones, transfer information and link people. Best of all the NFC Ring glides right onto your finger – no updates, no charging, and no fuss.

Smart Display system for your car

exploride is a portable Heads-Up Display that provides distraction-free access to navigation, mobile notifications, music and on-board diagnostics of your car.

Neurofeedback glasses that train your brain.

Comprises a complete 3 sensor, (1 active site) Narbis hardware system and Bluetooth armband, Narbis app, protective carry case,and it connects with an app on your phone that is compatible with android and ios.

The Wireless Smart Button

Control devices, apps and services with just a press.

Robots that make home made rotis

Rotimatic is the world’s first and fully automatic roti and flatbread making solution. Manufactured by Zimplistic, the robotics kitchen device makes it easy and convenient to enjoy fresh, healthy rotis (flatbreads).

Smartphone breathalyzer

Instantly measure your blood alcohol concentration level and estimate the time required to return below the legal limit.

Smartphone diagnostic tool for the human eye.

Bounce Imaging

360 degree cameras for tactical and rescue applications in law enforcement, fire, industrial safety, and defense. Low-cost and smartphone enabled.

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